With over 20 years of experience in providing data collection software
Nebu has a solution for you!

Dub InterViewer

Data Collection software
Any Mode, Any Place, Any Time

flexible intuitive
simplify the workflow
of your projects
accelerate scripting
for any user skill
any style, language
or device
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What our customers say
Our software is designed to be scalable, as is our pricing module so that we can accommodate the needs of all, from the multi-national sample, panel and fieldwork companies to the SOHO consultancy.
Survey Sampling International Ipsos Market Probe GDCC USP Marketing Colmar Brunton Kadence International Markelytics Compete Optimisa DJS Research MSi Mobiel Centre Kudos Research RMI GfS Conclusr Research Blauw Stratus Tri Consult IFak Peak Answers Ace international The iD Factor IGV Marketforschung JRA Reserach Schlesinger Associates Userneeds YouthSight Yorizon Pexel Robas

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