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Nebu Data Suite tools helps researchers to collect, manage and utilize data within these market segments
Market Research Software
Marketing research
Market Research 360°
Panel Management
Panel Management
Nebu Dub InterViewer supports all interviewing modes


What you need to remember about Nebu Data Suite
All Modes
Data collection in all modes
Any Time
Data collection at any time
Any Place
Data collection from any place
Any Source
Collect Data coming from any source
The most flexible and robust data collection
Data Analysis
Nebu Dub InterViewer is an intuitive solution for efficient fieldwork
All Nebu tools provide secure and compliant data collection


Nebu Data Suite offers you a vast range of solutions
Computer Assisted
Telephone Interviewing
Web Assisted Personal Interviewing
Data Management
Data Management
Dialling Solutions
Dialing Solutions
Fieldwork management
Fieldwork Management
Statistical analysis
Statistical Analysis
Data Processing
Data Processing
Consultancy Services
Consultancy Services
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Discover how you can optimize workflows and raise efficiency in your organization
Data Management
of resources
and data
Designing surveys people want to answer
Designing surveys
people want
to answer
Conducting surveys and collecting data
Conducting surveys
collecting data
Processing and analyzing data
analyzing data
Data Visualization

Our products

Support full market research process, from data collection, data management to data visualisations with our products (click on the infographics to find out more details)
Nebu Clients Testimonials


Hear from our clients
For more than 20 years in the champions league of the Market Research softwares
If you are able to be in the top 10 of the leading software companies in the market research industry already for more than 20 years, you must be doing something very well! Being determined and following market developments and ....sometimes even being up front ....then you are doing surprisingly well!
Erik Philippa
CEO at 2gather
Utrecht, Netherlands
Awesome powers of Nebu
We are already working for a lot of years with Nebu software and they helped us to take market research to a higher level. The possibilities of making difficult questionnaire routings and a userfriendly interface are reasons for us to use Nebu software. Answers to support questions we receive very quick and therefore the people from Nebu are very helpful. We definitely advice questionnaire makers to use Nebu software.
Marieke Eskes
Product manager at 2gather
Utrecht, Netherlands
Excellent survey tool
Userneeds is one of the largest online sample providers in the Nordics. We have been using NEBU for 4 years, and are very satisfied with system, both DubInterviewer and DubKnowledge. NEBU is strong in a all improtant areas for doing online resarch - very flexible, easy to use, strong in responsives to different devices, abilty to program sophisticated surveys, ability to handle and compute enormous amout of data, innovative approach and a strong sense af urgency when needed. Overall we are very happy to work with NEBU, and expect to do so in many years to come.
Karsten Busck
CEO at Userneeds
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cost effective and flexible

DJS Research have been using Nebu has proprietary data collection system for the last 3 years. Operationally, we are pleased with the functionality, control and market insights that this software solution provides. DJS Research is a successful MR agency based in the North West of England with year on year growth. Part of this success is attributable to our surveying systems, Nebu's cost effectiveness and product flexibility have definitely helped us retain and develop our business over recent years.

Matthew Coulling
Operations Director at DJS Research Ltd
Stockport, United Kingdom
Awesome collaboration
We use Dub InterViewer from 2007 already. Based on our experiences it is a very efficient tool for designing online questionnaires. After a short time of training, you can easily make your first questionnaire. Of course, with all the features of Dub InterViewer you can dive into more complex questionnaire situations as well and you can make pretty attractive surveys. Dub InterViewer is highly recommended for professional online data collection.
Zoltán Vasvári
Owner at DataExpert
Debrecen, Hungary
Stable and very responsive system

Since 2008 we make use of Nebu's Dub InterViewer for our call center activities and online data collection. Whether data collection takes place in a national or international context, Dub InterViewer simply works. Dub is judged by us as a stable and very responsive system. The same holds for Nebu’s helpdesk: always there and ready to give adequate answers to our questions. If we had to make a new choice for a suitable call center software solution again, we would definitely make the same choice.

Ton Ketelaars
CEO at Conclusr Research
Breda Area, Netherlands
Efficient tool for data collection

Dub InterViewer is one of the most efficient tools for ad-hoc data collection projects. In terms of scripting it is very user-friendly: new colleagues can learn the basic knowledge very quickly. In the same time Dub InterViewer offers a wide range of opportunities. Therefore in many situations Dub InterViewer is the best choice for professional data collection.

Dezső Karasszon
Owner at DataExpert
Debrecen, Hungary
Flexible tool that handles complex script and algorithm

Kudos have been using Dub InterViewer for more than 10 years; throughout the years we have been very impressed with the flexibility and capability for handling complex script and algorithm. Web surveys are highly customisable and JavaScript can be inserted to achieve more tailor made functions to meet clients’ specific requests. Also, the customer support team have been very helpful in solving our problems. I would highly recommend Dub Interviewer to any other data collection agency.

Jeff Ng
Head of Development at Kudos Research
London, United Kingdom
Data Collection = Nebu
Data Collection = Nebu!!! No other software is as powerful as Nebu and that is a fact!!! We have been using Nebu for the past 8 years and are still surprised with the abilities of the software day by day.
Mehdi Farrrokhnia
Senior Project Manager at IGV
Marktforschung GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Improving business with the help of Nebu
As one of the first clients we are using Nebu data collection systems for many years. Nebu helped us improving and expanding our business every year. Nebu is a partner we can trust always with focus on new developments in our market.
Harm Weber
Owner at Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek B.V.,
Almere Stad Area, Netherlands
Dynamic and powerful software
Markelytics using Dub InterViewer for over 8 years, it's a brilliant product. Used it for all type of projects (complex and lengthy), launched large sample size as big as hundred thousand interviews in months time, their server and system never failed. Very easy to integrate and customize any script, it could be Java Script, flash or HTML5. There are hardly any software which is dynamic, powerful and updated with most latest technology yet very competitively prices. I would highly recommend Nebu.
Rajesh Bodke
Director at Markelytics Solutions
Evolving with you
Dub InterViewer is very reliable, consistent and evolving with us indeed. Recent new feature: tv guide import module, helping us in pinpointing tv behavior for strategic and tactical media planning purposes. Many thanks to Marco, Peter and Marcel in particular.
Ed Borsboom
Effect Director at Mediaxplain
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Perfect product
We have been the first client of Nebu abroad. And we never have regretted that decision. A perfect product, brilliant service and a management that is caring. We really can recommend Nebu!
Felix Josef
Owner at Triconsult
Vienna, Austria
Intuitive and modern
Happy to recommend this product. Especially the mail scheduler is simply brilliant! Great intuitive, modern software and support as it should be.
Bart Maes
Client Service Manager at Lansweeper
Gent Area, Belgium
Great product and team
Dub InterViewer is our tool of choice. It provides great options for managing, is simple to use and backed by a supportive and flexible team.
Donald Carter
Operations Director at Colmar Brunton
Auckland, New Zealand
Awesome customer service team
We've used Nebu for over 10 years. It's great, industrial strength market research software. Naturally with all its functionality there's a lot to learn and that's where the customer service team comes in. The people there genuinely care about providing solutions and will often go well above and beyond the call of duty to find a neat way of getting Nebu to dance how you want it to. Highly recommended (and Marco and Bente are exceptional).
Ian Davidson
Director at FlyResearch
Sydney Area, Australia
Great help from Customer Care
Nebu Customer Care have been great help in our highly complex projects when we were looking for quick solution. Generally when you turn to any Customer Care department you need the answer really as soon as possible and also you expect a full understanding of the issue to solve. The professionals at Nebu are able to provide this quality of support therefore I like to recommend them to all who would ever need working solutions.
Dezső Karasszon
Owner at DataExpert
Debrecen, Hungary
Absolutely brilliant product
We've used Dub InterViewer for 9 years now and the product is absolutely brilliant. Let's just say that we continuously monitor the market for options in terms of setting up our advanced questionnaires, but we have actually not found a single package which can do all the things we do beyond Dub InterViewer.
Fredrik Clementz
Owner of Reflect Företagsutveckling AB
Stockholm, Sweden
Great integration
We have used Nebu products at YouthSight for nearly 10 years now and have yet to come across another offering that integrates a panel database so well with a survey design and fieldwork system. Nebu's fully-featured, timesaving Dub Knowledge Panel Management suite deserves special mention; it reliably handles our demanding data requirements.
Michael Virks
Operations Director at YouthSight
London, United Kingdom
Helpful training session
Johan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in our recent training session. This proved to be a very beneficial and productive meeting for us as we learned about the latest release. In addition, the follow-up on any outstanding feedback items from the session was very prompt and informative. I would recommend a face-to-face session to clients wanting to learn more about all of the features currently available and in development at Nebu.
Ceri Landrum
Manager of Data Acquisition at Compete, Inc
Greater Boston Area
The most reliable service desk
The Customer Care department is the most reliable service desk I made ever contact with. Most of our questions were answered, within the same day. The personal touch is very important to us.
Henry Korteweg
IT Specialist at Check your Service
Breda Area, Netherlands
Great development and support team
Nebu is not only a great software it also comes with a great development and support team which has a "we will find a solution" attitude. The turnaround time is amazing and the help / solutions even more. Keep up the great work and thank you for making the impossible possible.
Mehdi Farrrokhnia
Senior Project Manager at IGV Marktforschung GmbH
Frankfurt, Germany
Very strong customer orientation

Nebu Customer Care offers a help desk with a very strong customer orientation. Tickets are processed and resolved quickly. The crucial point is; for urgent requests all available resources are bundled to guarantee a rapid solution, especially in critical project phases Customers feel secure. I worked also for a Service Company for some years, and people who spent Time in such Customer Operations know that it is definitely no easy Task. Especially In a larger company with many inquiries and requests, tickets may get victims of longer waiting time …unintentionally. I can put a Service Desk in 3 Words: Stress-bound, time-critical and Challenging. The Nebu team meets these requirements with flying colors. Nebu offers a prime example of customer care.

Dominik Tschulenk
IT-Mgmt at Triconsult
Powerful and easy to use
We have been using Dub InterViewer for about 7 years. We created several questionnaires using Dub InterViewer. It's a powerful tool which is easy to use. Also I want to mention that the Customer Care department is one of a kind, they really know what they're talking about.
Henry Korteweg
IT Specialist at Check your Service
Breda Area, Netherlands
Supporting company

We use Dub InterViewer and Dub Knowledge since many years. Based on our experiences it is a very efficient tool for designing (online) questionnaires and panels. Further is Nebu a very open and supporting company and is willing to look for solutions instead of problems.

Jean Eurelings
Partner at BAZOOH
Maastricht Area, Netherlands