Nebu & 2x4 Form Strategic Partnership

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Nebu & 2x4 Team-up
Two-way reseller and product alignment

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About the Partnership

Nebu and 2x4 Team-up
Two-way resellers and product alignment

Nebu and 2x4 combined forces to provide clients with software, support, and guidance into optimizing marketing research processes and increasing projects' efficiency.

The strategic partnership addresses three key elements:

  • The two-way reselling agreement: 2x4 becomes an official reseller of Nebu solutions for the DACH and the UK market and aims to deliver expertise and knowledge to support clients in optimizing their research projects. Nebu extends its portfolio with SurveyTester.
  • Product alignment: Nebu Dub InterViewer and SurveyTester are now seamlessly integrated to provide marketing researchers with powerful user-friendly tools to efficiently create and test effective multi-mode (CATI, online & mobile) surveys.
  • Provision of Services & Support: 2x4 offers customized and tailored consultancy amenities alongside services, like support, training, design and (re)scripting for surveys. In short, they can help you to Collect, Manage and Utilize all your data without limitations!


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Product Alignment

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If you are a Nebu Dub InterViewer user this means you collect data. You create many surveys every week. You are constantly looking for methods of reducing production costs and increasing speed? Do you currently have means to detect all irregularities in your questionnaires' logic and scripting in a fast 
intuitive, cost-effective & time-efficient manner? SurveyTester creates a clear communication channel for survey test runs directly from your Nebu Dub InterViewer environment.  

Key benefits of using SurveyTester
Key benefits of SurveyTester:

  • Automated Survey Logic Testing & Jump To Page. Initiates process orientated automatic testing scenarios in which tester can flag problems directly on the screen. Every test run is stored in the database allowing to replicate an identified issue.
  • Multi-Device Screenshots. The tool automatically creates screenshots on different devices and browsers in the background.
  • Mobile Friendliness Detection & Audit Reporting.  Automatically detects which survey pages are mobile friendly.
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If you are a SurveyTester user, it means you need to streamline your survey test runs. Most probably you create a lot of questionnaires every month. Are you satisfied with your current data collection capabilities? Do you see room for improvement? Would you like to increase efficiency of your marketing research processes? Discover main benefits Nebu data collection software provides. Let's talk! 

Key benefits of Nebu Dub InterViewerKey benefits of Nebu Dub InterViewer:

  • Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform
  • Use mixed mode and multi mode interviewing to increase response rate
  • Analyze and recode open-ended questions
  • Provide multi language support for your surveys
  • Use routing in surveys to increase completion rate
  • Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity
  • Manage quota and create sampling rules
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Unlock the full potential of data with Nebu and 2x4

IT Services & Support

Nebu and 2x4 have combined forces to help you to increase efficiency and effectivity of your marketing research projects and bring bold ideas to life. 

With Nebu's suite of software and 2x4's experience and expertise, we bring you support and guidance to enable your business to implement new marketing research solutions. 

IT Services, Software and Support provided jointly by Nebu and 2x4

2x4 and Nebu provide 360 degrees marketing research solutions, services, and consultancy. We will help you seize new opportunities in key areas proven to bring the fastest and highest returns:

  • Questionnaire (re)programming
  • Survey testing
  • Data collection (CATI, online, mobile)
  • Data warehousing
  • Data cleaning, enrichment, and weightening
  • Data mining (descriptive and predictive)
  • Data analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting, dashboards
  • Bespoke, tailor-made marketing research solutions.

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