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What makes market research agile?

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Agile market research means the future for the industry

This ebook describes the divergence Market Research operations have had from Business in the recent years and the adjustment required to re-embed Market Research into the Business decision-making process.

New technologies are challenging the Market Research Industry to innovate. More and more of your end-clients have been altering their production cycles to be able to utilize more real-time data coming from not only traditional MR data collection process, but also from CRM systems, social media, and other external sources like transactional data, etc. 

The MR Industry should be able to remain relevant. As information has become real-time, more widely available and in far greater detail, making “large decisions” that span many years no longer fits.

As market researchers, you need to become more agile to able to provide 'the best possible information at the last possible moment.' It is not only about providing the right advice but is now about delivering time-based insights matched with your client's projects lifecycle. The Traditional Research Project is transformed into time-distributed Agile Research, consisting of a large number of smaller research steps.

The role of Market Research is changing: Adopting an Agile Research approach can help address these challenges!


What makes market research agile?

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