Data Collection

How to optimize your data collection? Which data collection mode is most appropriate? The best way is to use a multi-mode capability. It guarantees more respondents and higher response rates. The various methods can be used stand alone or combined:

  • Online surveys are available every day of the week, every moment of the day. The respondent directly answers questions over an internet connection.
  • CATI interviews are conducted by telephone. The main benefits of CATI are the quality control of the respondent, the ability to probe for information and it is more 'interactive' than self-completion methods.
  • During CAPI questions will be asked face-2-face offline using a laptop or tablet. It is available in every location, regardless of internet connection.
  • PAPI (pen-and-paper interviewing) enables interviewing in low-cost countries, or where internet connection is weak. Then you can entry data easily with our data collection software.

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