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Anywhere, anytime

Our web-based CATI software offers users the support for remote interviewing anywhere they are and at any time, provided a reliable internet connection is available. Supervisors and managers have full control over sample and quota, no matter where interviewing takes place.


Sample management

Our software contains the most robust sampling in the market. Size of the sample, number of quota cells, multiple languages, and adding more sample on the fly, Nebu's software can handle it all. Languages, time zones, and time groups allow you to set rules when sample records can be called. Without the further need for manual intervention, the right sample comes up at the right time.



Our CATI solution is a fully hosted and secure system fully compliant using industry best practices for data security, protection, uptime, and availability. Nebu is furthermore in full compliance with all EU regulations for data security. We take care of hardware, security, maintenance of your system, and software upgrades.


Monitor interviewers

Our screen-sharing functionality allows supervisors to keep the quality of work on a high level, no matter where interviewers are working. 

Monitor, coach and report: Real-time tracking, customizable scoring and open comment fields, full productivity reports, a message center, and continuous reporting are all available within our CATI software.


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