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Collect data

Our suite of tools provides high-performance software that drives the heartbeat of every market research project: Data Collection.

The software provides a unique built-in library of responsive questionnaires available for mobile devices. 

Our solution also lets you enrich your data collection methods with big data derived from multiple sources such as CRM systems, Social Media, NPS software, Open data, Internet of Things, etc.

Data collection - any device, mode, source

Data collection methods, management and utilization on mobile devices

Manage data

Nebu Data Suite is much more than your average market research software. It is a data management system. 

You can process your survey data and enrich it with information pulled from multiple sources such as CRM systems, Governmental Reports, Social Media, etc.

Because the Suite uses a cloud infrastructure (like Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive) you securely manage connections from users and applications to the data.

Secure data management platform to manage data and processes it

Manager looking at real-time based dashboard

Utilize data

The processing capabilities of our software allow you to deliver ready to use, real-time managed data to your downstream applications like Tableau, SPSS, Excel, etc.

You can directly embed data processing as a part of every project, based upon R language. You can stream your live data into visual dashboards. 

Easy data usage, processing, reporting


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