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About Nebu Social Responsibility Program

Nebu, a well-established company with almost 25 years of experience in the market research industry, recognizes the importance of contributing to social change and supporting the development of society. Nebu Social Responsibility Program is a source of help to boost social progress. Nebu applies its considerable resources, expertise, and products to measuring efficiency and effectivity of NGOs activities. It is a crucial step, necessary for maintaining the social change program progress and important in regards to providing stakeholder's update to ensure future funding. For Nebu, the CSR program is much more than a cost, a constraint, or a charitable deed. It is a source of much-welcomed challenge and innovation. In the heart of Nebu's Social Responsibility Program lies the same values that guide its core business choices: Increasing efficiency and effectivity of market research to help clients underpin strategic choices. 

The goal of the program is to support non-profit organizations focusing on evidence-based social change. "Evidence-based" is a keyword in understanding Nebu Social Responsibility Program. It refers to concepts and strategies built upon objective evidence, retrieved with professionally collected and analyzed data. This should not be a surprise as Nebu is a leader in providing market research software: Data-driven approach runs in our blood. Life is not only about numbers, but that's also why Nebu has decided to support NPOs by providing free of any charge professional software to collect, manage and utilize data. The software goes along with the technical expertise in the field of market research. 

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Musanze, Rwanda Februari 2016, women taking part in the program of 100WEEKS

The current CSR project

Nebu launches its CSR program by supporting 100WEEKS, an NGO providing humanitarian help and reducing extreme poverty in Africa.

100WEEKS, a Dutch organization focused on helping women in developing countries to get out of poverty, has inspired Nebu to officially launch its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Nebu is supporting the NGO by providing market research tools to measure the impact of their upcoming project in Ghana.

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Who can apply to Nebu Social Responsibility Program

There are too many non-governmental organizations all over the world to even count them. It is a challenge to determine which initiatives to support. There are plenty of areas requiring help and support (poverty reduction, health, education, culture, ecology, etc.) The identification of social issues is something that belongs to NGO's experts. What Nebu takes under consideration when choosing projects is whether the organization has proven to understand the nature of long‐term social change, including looking for patterns and causes, which has led to formulate the project objectives.

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