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Nebu launches its CSR program by supporting 100WEEKS, a Dutch NGO providing humanitarian help and reducing extreme poverty in Africa

100WEEKS, a Dutch organization focused on helping women in developing countries to get out of poverty, has inspired Nebu to officially launch its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Nebu is supporting the NGO by providing market research tools to measure the impact of their upcoming project in Ghana. 

Nebu recognizes the importance of introducing social responsibility activities. As a well-established company with almost 25 years of experience in the market research industry, we feel happy and proud to support such a meaningful humanitarian project as 100WEEKS, explains Eric van Velzen, Nebu’s CEO and Founder.

For more than one billion people currently living in extreme poverty, life is an everyday struggle. Many of them know very well how to escape poverty but lack the opportunity to realize their potential. 100WEEKS builds on people’s own creativity and resilience, providing one hundred weeks of coaching and financial support for women in Africa. Their mission is well captured by their tagline “Temporary Cash for Permanent Change”. Much research has shown that these "unconditional cash transfers" is one of the most effective ways of lifting people out of extreme poverty. 100WEEKS, cooperating with African partners such as Caritas Rwanda, connects Dutch individuals and organizations who can donate some money, with people who need it a bit more.

After having successfully rolled out the program in Rwanda in 2015, 100WEEKS is to expand into Ghana by the end of 2017. Funded by a grant from the Chocolonely Foundation, 100WEEKS will provide 100 weeks of financial support ($8/week) as well as financial coaching to 100 women in cocoa producing communities. Nebu has become an important technological partner, providing the survey and research tools to regularly measure the impact that the money has on the women's lives.

Conducting fieldwork in Ghana is a challenging task. The telephone system is outdated, with an unreliable fixed-line infrastructure heavily concentrated in Accra. That’s why fieldwork conducted via Nebu Software needs to support telephone and face-to-face interviews. For onsite interviews 100WEEKS uses Nebu CAPI App, allowing them to collect and record answers even without internet access. Collected data is stored in the central management platform, Nebu Data Hub, allowing further analysis and transforming data into visualizations to be shared with donors via cloud-based real-time Nebu Reporter dashboards. Nebu is providing 100WEEKS with the technology, experience, and support in setting up the system. We will keep you informed about the project and women’s journey out of poverty over 100 weeks.

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