Continuous customer feedback measurements with Nebu and Dapresy

Nebu and Dapresy joining forces

A powerful solution for continuous measurement of Customer Experience

Capture your customers’ thoughts or feelings about brands, products, or services instantly with our unique CX360 degrees solution. Comprehensive, robust, fully GDPR compliant and user-friendly, the solution allows you to use a fully automated CX flow. Your CX questionnaire can be of any complexity and even offers you an option to close the feedback loop with telephone follow-ups. 

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Custom Branded
Surveys, Reports, Dashboards

Support for
Multilingual Projects
GDPR Conform
Rules for Protecting Personal Data

Upload your sample and invite your respondents in any way you’d like, via email, an SMS, you name it. The solution allows you to enrich your online collected data with data coming from a Kiosk you can have available for your customers on-site. With powerful reporting capabilities, you instantly turn your data into visual, easily digestible insights. The dashboards themselves are highly interactive. You can apply dynamic filters for reporting, benchmarking and access controls and set up data-triggered alerts, push notifications and much more.

Take your Customer Experience projects to a whole new level with Dapresy and Nebu CX360 solution

Our CX360 solution consists of three main steps: 
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CX360 by Nebu and Dapresy


With the Sample Management module you can:

  1. Upload your sample
  2. Deduplicate sample
  3. Create and maintain blacklists
  4. Send out invitations (email/SMS) and schedule reminders
  5. Track your project progress and invitations statistics


With the Data Collection module you can: 

  1. Create questionnaires that look excellent on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  2. Have beautifully designed, interactive custom branded surveys
  3. Conduct your research across countries due to the support for multilingual projects
  4. Optional: On-site tablet data collection a.k.a. "the Kiosk mode"
  5. Optional: Closing the feedback loop with telephone follow-up interviewing

With the Reporting and Case Management module you get access to: 

  1. Multiple deliverables like interactive dashboards, ppt-reports and tables
  2. Hierarchical filters for reporting, benchmarks and access controls
  3. Data processing including cleaning, recoding, weighting and variable creation
  4. Case management, including escalation processes with data-triggered alerts and push notifications
  5. Customer history tracking to see previous experiences and communication

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