Conducting CATI survey

Conducting surveys and collecting data

Nebu Data Suite is your data collection solution. Conduct surveys across all modes, using one script; interview from any location; start on a phone and continued online. Further enrich your market research projects with big data derived from multiple sources such as CRM systems, Social Media, Government data, Internet of Things...
All interviewing modes avaliable

All modes

One script, all modes, all devices

Interview from any location

Any location

Remote interviewing, from any location, in any timezone

Outstanding software flexibility

Outstanding flexibility

Design the surveys you need, without limitations

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing in mixed mode
Attractive look and feel of questionnaires

Modern interface

Present a clean and modern interface for both your interviewers and respondents

Switching mode

Switching mode

Switch from Phone to Web, at any time, within the same survey

Unlimited data storage

Unlimited data storage

There are no restrictions and limitations regarding the data you store and the number of projects you have

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