Learn more about how DataExpert can help you unlock of the full potential of your research projects

DataExpert will help you unlock the full potential of your market research projects with Nebu Data Suite

Our partnership started more than 8 years ago. We complement each other perfectly - DataExpert focuses on the service provided for the Nebu system.

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DataExpert is the largest independent market research operations support provider in Europe. Working primarily with market research companies, DataExpert provides technical support for their research, covering survey scripting, data processing, and data visualization. In addition, DataExpert also provides custom IT development, BI solutions, and MR transition support services.

DataExpert can support you in

Market research processes Custom IT developments Business Intelligence
Market Research processes Custom IT developments Business Intelligence
How DataExpert can help

How DataExpert can help

Market Research Processes

Market Research Processes supported by DataExpert

Survey Programming and Hosting
DataExpert can host and manage your surveys, ensuring your individual processes are aligned with our quality control standards, so you get the best outcome in the most efficient way.

Data Processing
DataExpert can solve challenging data processing tasks, process market research datasets and make cross tables using all industry standard methods: weightings, computations, top2 and bottom2 boxes, nets, means, averages, etc.

In addition to traditional market research data processing and commonly used technologies, the team also specialise in languages such as R and Python. Combining these tools and techniques enables us to solve complex analytics tasks.

Data Visualization
At DataExpert our experienced visualization experts are committed to presenting your data in a clear and coherent manner. On the team there are also data processors who excel in generating report-friendly data, while our talented graphic designers are bursting with creativity. Put all of these together, and you have a dream team for communicating complex data in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

DataExpert can provide:

  • Manual and automated PowerPoint reporting
  • Online dashboards in a variety of powerful technologies
  • Standard and templated structures for quick reporting
  • Migration of existing projects to different tools
  • Mock-ups and final design elements for projects

Custom IT developments


Custom IT developments

Alongside the classic Market Research tasks, there are more and more requests coming from our clients for unique, custom-built tools: something that never existed before, personalized to their exact needs.

DataExpert can help you develop unique custom solutions

DataExpert developers have gained high level expertise in:

Market Research Development
DataExpert has internally developed custom-built tools to improve user experience, get rid of manual work or just save your time.

System Architect
They can build comprehensive systems with both back- and front-end development as well as full user interface design and implementation.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Explore the infinite possibilities with the experts and witness your ideas come to life. Just to mention a few of our latest implementations: fully customized dashboards, websites, centralized portal for every market research fieldwork related files and lists.

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

One of the biggest questions every responsible leader asks themselves is: 
“How can we sustain and grow our competitiveness?”

Business data is everywhere and collecting it is time-consuming. Current reporting methods, such as PPT and Excel aren’t meeting the expectations of the decision makers who use them. When it comes to processing large volumes of data, traditional spreadsheets can no longer cope with data-driven tasks. This is where Business Intelligence comes in.

Simply put, Business Intelligence is a set of methods and tools which converts complex business data into readable information. Users leverage this information to analyse the business and make better data-driven decisions.

Understanding the data through proper analysis enables a company to stand its ground in the 21st century.
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