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The best all-in-one hosted dialer for fieldwork & marketing research

Nebu Dialer as a Service offers you maximum functionality without any initial investment. You save on telephony costs and only pay-as-you-go

Robust sample utilization capabilities and multiple dialing modes help to keep agents at peak efficiency

Conducting a CATI survey with Nebu DaaS

Why choose Nebu's dialer

Why choose Nebu Dialer as a Service

Nebu Dialer as a Service is a dialer software designed for specific needs of fieldwork and marketing research companies. It is a web-based solution fully integrated with Nebu's data collection and panel management tools offering robust sample usage optimization capabilities. It doesn't require any specific technical knowledge. Benefits are only a click away!

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The most convenient hosted dialer on the planet

What it can do for me

Nebu DaaS is a web based solution

& web-based

Nebu Dialer as a Service is designed to increase the efficiency of your agents working in a call center and at home. We take care of the hosting and maintaining the system for you


Nebu DaaS is flexible and scalable tool

Flexible &

As its name indicates, Nebu's fieldwork dialer is a service. It provides full flexibility regarding number of lines and seats you need at a particular moment in time


Nebu DaaS requires no initial investment

No initial

No special hardware or system purchases are necessary to run our fieldwork dialer. All you need is Internet and a headset. We have clients running it on various devices ranging from PC, MAC, tablets to Raspberry Pi


Nebu DaaS is based on a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing module

pricing model

Our software provides you everything required to run a dialer, including the telecom & carrier services. And the best part, it gives you the flexibility to use the software as much or as little as you need, you pay as you use hours


DaaS provides out-of-the-box multiple dialing modes

dialing modes

Nebu’s dialer supports out-of-the-box all dialing modes from preview (click-to-call), progressive (power/automatic) to predictive. You can set up a particular mode at the project level, but each workstation can log in at a lesser dialing mode



Live monitoring &

The tool allows you not only to listen-in but also to instruct the interviewer verbally during the interview. The respondent will only hear the interviewer, so the instructions or remarks coming from the supervisor will not interfere with the interview itself


The tool provides access to call history and productivity reports

Call history &
productivity reports

With our solution you get access to the full call history and to an extensive set of productivity reports that can be set up for an interviewer, a project, a call center, or multiple venues


With Nebu DaaS you can make recordings per a question or a whole interview

Recordings per question & interview

Dialer as a Service offers an advantage of having an ability to record interviews. Each question or a whole interview can be recorded separately


No technical knowledge is required to start using Nebu DaaS


Nebu Dialer as a Service is a solution fully integrated with Nebu's data collection and panel management tools. This means to start dialing you don’t require any specific technical knowledge. Benefits are only a click away!


Nebu DaaS help to significantly increased talk time

Increased talk time
& decreased costs

The dialer, designed specifically for Dub InterViewer's users, provides significant efficiency gains in a twofold way. On the data collection side by improving work efficiency and effectivity. On the dialer side by decreasing call rates and interviewing costs



On screen
caller info

Upon a completion of an interview, the tool provides a next number along with an information on the next respondent


Interviewers can check a current quota on screen

On screen
quota info

The software presents interviewers with quota targets to help to reach the end of a project in an efficient and timely manner


The tool logs in reasons for non-responses

non responses

The solutions logs reasons for non-responses by displaying to interviewers a screen with possible outcomes to select from


You can create black listings with Nebu DaaS


This functionality enables you to create lists of respondents who no longer want to participate in surveys, meaning you do not want to contact them anymore. With a click of a button, you can compare your sample selection with records on your blacklists, and the system automatically marks unwanted records that should not be used


You can set up a rules for calling respondents in various times zones

Time zone
calling rules

For international projects, the numbers are provided taking into account  a respondent's time zone


Make appointments with respondents and have system remind you of them

Fix & floating

Nebu's solution allows scheduling of fixed or floating appointment times and dates that will be picked up by the system as a priority in the appropriate interviewer's schedule. This ensures interviewers do not miss call back appointments for respondents that needed to stop their interview before completing all questions


Automate your calling routing for increasing efficiency and compliance reasons

callback rules

This functionality ensures the full utilization of sample records by allowing to set up flexible rules regarding how the system is making calls for interviewer and rules on how to automate callback routine based on call results. For example, you can customize: How long the phone rings before hanging up a no-call answer, How many tries can be performed per a type of call result, How much time is required between call attempts based on a type of call result. It also helps to you comply with Ofcom requirements


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