Nebu Dub Interviewre offers many benefits to marker research companies

Benefits of using Nebu's Dub InterViewer

Data collection - any device, mode, source

Any mode

Dub InterViewer supports all data collection modes. Interviewing is carried out using one script programmed for all modes. It includes the ability to switch modes at any point in the survey.

The primary methods available in the software:

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) - used in call centers, in intranet and internet environment to conduct phone interviews
  • WAPI (Web Assisted Personal Interviewing) - used to run an online research via the web
  • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) - used to carry out face-to-face interviews. You can conduct the CAPI research on Android or iOS devices
  • Data Entry - used to punch in the data collected via paper-and-pencil questionnaires

Any place

Dub InterViewer allows you to conduct interviews from anywhere for all your market research projects. There are no spatial obstacles of data collection with our data collection software.

Our Web-based CATI software offers the support for remote interviewing; internet connection is all your interviewers need.

Our CAPI management system controls remote tablets from the central server


Any time

Dub InterViewer helps you to conduct interviews in different time zones and numerous languages. Besides WAPI interviews which basically can run online anytime, you can also hold CATI interviews


Any device

Dub InterViewer's device detection functionality enables you to run online surveys on any mobile, tablet or PC. The plugins work on touch devices as well. With the responsive templates, you never have to worry about the device your respondents use to complete their survey.

Perform face-to-face interviewing on Android and iOS tablets or mobiles


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