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Dub InterViewer 7 supports 34 languages including Asian languages

Good news for those who frequently use non-ASCII character sets in Dub InterViewer: in Dub InterViewer 7 Unicode support has been added. The system now supports direct cut and paste or import of Asian and other non-ASCII character sets. No more need to use HTML-characters when you are scripting a Japanese questionnaire for example. Under the hood, this means the system has much fewer conversions to do, and as a result has become more stable. In short: with the addition of Unicode support, Dub InterViewer has become more stable and more user-friendly.

In addition to this, we have expanded the built-in translation texts to 34 languages. Of course, you can add more languages yourself, but Nebu provides you with the WAPI translations covering messages shown to respondents or interviewers. 

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