Become a socially responsible marketing research company with the support of EcoMatcher and Nebu

Increasing respondents' engagement by greening the world, tree by tree, survey by survey

Nebu offers its clients the opportunity to reward respondents with trees either per a completed survey or as part of a loyalty program for its panel members. On top of that Nebu supports the cause and its clients by donating trees on their behalf based on the usage of the Nebu Dub InterViewer system

Greening the world, tree by tree, survey by survey

Why participate

The marketing research industry is a competitive space. You want to provide your clients with actionable insights, helping them to grow and expand by offering answers to their business questions. To do so, you need knowledgeable, skilled and motivated people, efficient tools and most of all the right respondents, which, as you know it, is quite a challenging task. If your sample consists of highly specialized experts, you're working in the B2B environment, or if you're developing/maintaining panels, the challenge is even bigger. 

You can significantly increase your respondents' and panel members' engagement by involving your company, clients and interviewees in a Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR). 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study reports that nine-in-10 consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit, but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. The report has revealed that CSR is an important factor to brand reputation and affinity:

  • 93 percent of global citizens will have a more positive image of such a company
  • 90 percent will be more likely to trust that company
  • 88 percent will be more loyal (i.e., continue buying products or services)
  • More than eight-in-10 consider CSR when deciding what to buy or where to shop (84 percent), which products and services to recommend to others (82 percent), which companies they want to see doing business in their communities (84 percent) and where to work (79 percent)

CSR is also a powerful differentiator at the register, as 90 percent of global consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price or quality.

By partnering with EcoMatcher we aim to provide Nebu clients an opportunity to develop their social responsibility program focused on greening the world.

Nebu Forest

Here at Nebu, we have incorporated EcoMatcher into our own social responsibility program. This means that Nebu supports the cause by donating trees on behalf of our clients, based on the usage of the Nebu Dub InterViewer system. You can visit our constantly growing forest by clicking here.


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Greening the world, tree by tree, survey by survey

How does it work

By having Nebu Dub InterViewer integrated with EcoMatcher Nebu's clients can offer respondents a unique, meaningful and socially responsible reward for completing a survey: a newly planted tree.

One tree costs USD3.50 and includes growing a quality seedling and shipping the seedling to the farmer who will plant the tree on his or her land. For USD3.50 you adopt a tree for life. You can choose how many trees you'd like to offer a respondent for completing a survey. One tree? Or perhaps a small forest of 10 or 20 trees? You can also let your respondents make a choice among several reward options. For example, if usually they are being given financial incentive, now you can let them choose to spare a part of the financial gratification to adopt trees in the amount of choice. By integrating Nebu Dub InterViewer and EcoMatcher the workflow is automated. 

Let your respondents' see how them taking part in your project contributes to the sustainable growth

Upon completion of a survey, the respondents/panel members will receive an instant notification email about the trees adopted on their behalf. The email contains a link to TreeTracker, a web application EcoMatcher developed using satellite maps. With TreeTracker, the receiver can track the tree, learn more about the tree and farmer and can share the experience on social media with the simple click of a button. TreeTracker offers numerous branding possibilities, e.g. you can add your company logo. The respondent can share the experience through social media, which would give Nebu's clients a marketing boost. No plastics, no tool expenses, no physical stock and no transportation costs.

You, as a company, can include an overview of your tree planting initiative on your website. Let people know about your steps towards making marketing research sustainable by presenting the numbers of how many trees you have adopted on behalf of respondents, employees and clients.
Watch this webinar recording to see how it all works and learn more directly from EcoMatcher's founder, Bas Fransen!
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Greening the world, tree by tree, survey by survey

What is EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher is the world’s first technology platform that enables businesses to increase customer and employee engagement on sustainability through SMART tree planting. 

What is SMART tree planting? It means that companies can adopt trees through the platform planted by foundations fully vetted by EcoMatcher in a range of countries. The platform also gives access to data about those trees such as the exact location of each tree and information about the farmer caring for the tree.

One of EcoMatcher's goals is to create even more transparency in sustainability causes. Previously, you could donate to a good cause but would have no idea what exactly your donation would achieve. EcoMatcher is changing that by providing full transparency on where a tree is planted using your contribution and by whom. This provides an excellent basis for e.g. eco-friendly corporate gifts (give a tree instead of giving a plastic pens for example), rewards and incentives (as a Thank You for filling in a survey for example) and employee or panel members engagement (adopt a forest and assign each employee a specific tree in that forest, or create a loyalty program for your panel members).

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