The Esomar Congress 2019 forest has been planted!

To celebrate this Global Data & Insights Summit – the 72nd ESOMAR Congress taking place in the UK, we are happy to announce that we have planted 1,000 trees in Uganda on behalf of delegates.


The trees have been planted by Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), a youth-led social enterprise that seeks to jointly address the challenges of youth unemployment and climate change, and one of EcoMatcher's tree planting partners. 

At Nebu we care about giving back to the world. We believe in socially responsible and sustainable business. A thriving business is important, and being grateful and caring about people and the environment is our way of life. We strongly believe that both can go hand in hand. When two years ago we heard about EcoMatcher, we immediately saw the possibilities: for our clients, for the environment and for the farmers who grow the trees.

For more than a year, Nebu clients have the possibility to use EcoMatcher seamlessly integrated with Nebu Dub InterViewer, our multimode data collection software. Adopting trees, on behalf of respondents and panel members, has helped our clients to increase response rates, and improve engagement in their studies by giving back to the world, by greening the world, survey by survey, tree by tree.

Nebu also supports the cause by donating trees based on the usage of the Nebu Dub InterViewer system. So far we have planted 460 trees but we're not stopping there. The Nebu forest is growing steadily!

Today, thanks to Esomar's engagement in this initiative, we can proudly share the idea with Market Research at large. Tree planting has mind-blowing potential combatting climate change, according to scientists. Together we can make a difference!

Learn more about how you can integrate tree planting into your research processes. 

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Why tree planting?

Restoring the forests of the earth is theoretically enough to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are heating up the earth. Planting billions of trees across the world is - by far - the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists, who have made calculations of how many more trees could be planted without encroaching on cropland or urban areas. 

The research team led by Swiss ecologist Tom Crowther reaches remarkable conclusions (published in the prestigious magazine Science). There are currently around 5.5 billion hectares of forest on Earth; an area twice the size of Europe. But in addition, about 1.7 to 1.8 billion hectares are 'empty'. It is an area roughly the size of the US that is not used for agriculture or cities, where there is hardly any human activity, and where forests could grow well.

"It takes tens of years for forests to mature," Crowther explains in the prestigious science magazine Science. "But if we take action now, it can reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by a quarter, to a level that we haven't had for nearly a century."

“It is available now, it is the cheapest one possible and every one of us can get involved. Individuals could make a tangible impact by growing trees themselves, donating to forest restoration organizations and avoiding irresponsible companies", he added.

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