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Nebu - Gearing-up for growth

Nebu's solutions form the heartbeat of Market Research & Insights operations. We provide outstanding "any mode, any time, any place, any source" data-collection and secure data management solutions.

Nebu is pleased to announce the appointment of Otto van Linden as Managing Director. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of Nebu, whilst Eric van Velzen focuses on the market, the customers and promoting the Nebu ideals as an evangelist.

Eric van Velzen, CEO of Nebu, said "It is with great pleasure to announce that Otto van Linden has joined Nebu. Since July 2015 I have been talking to Otto about our partnership. We have made a great number of steps forward in the past years, and I'm absolutely sure that this year together with Otto we are going to reach and surpass all of our goals. Otto brings experience in building businesses and delivering results, and has been a major contributor to the growth and success of an internationally oriented technology-company, like Nebu. He has demonstrated great ability in leading organizations, including product, sales & services teams, and introducing new technologies and innovation to the market."

Otto van Linden, Managing Director of Nebu, added "I'm excited to join the Nebu team. I sense a lot of enthusiasm, drive, and opportunity to take Nebu to the next level. My goal is the growth of Nebu and ensuring that clients experience innovation and support at the highest levels possible. Companies are increasingly forced to act, respond and adjust in a real-time manner driving them to data-driven decision-making business processes. Collecting the right data and turning this into real-time management information is the challenge we see in the market. Exactly this is and has always been Nebu's core."

The whole Nebu team is excited by Otto's participation and welcomes him on board!

Over the last few years Nebu has been paving the way for growth by investing heavily in marketing, establishing a partner network (Eco-system) and the introduction of the Nebu Data Hub, a revolutionary Big Data solution for Research. The Nebu Data Hub combines survey data with "Big Data" and allows for secure data management and effective transformation of data-into-information.

With the advent of the Nebu Data Hub, Nebu has successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign securing substantial means to expedite both the development of the Nebu Data Hub, but also the scaling of its Eco-system.

ABOUT NEBU - Nebu is the specialized provider of Data Collection Software. It was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands. Since that Nebu is firmly rooted in European countries, such as the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, and Hungary. For more information visit or call +31 251 311 413.