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Efficiency gains by fieldwork dialer mode

A data-driven investigation into profits gained by adopting Nebu Dialer as a Service

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When it comes to optimizing fieldwork, probably half the promises you were made before were never kept. Within Nebu, as a supplier of software for quantitative marketing research, we only trust data! As a marketing researcher, we think you do too!

So, instead of making big promises regarding lowering your costs, we'd like to talk numbers and present a data-driven investigation into how adding Nebu’s Dialer as a Service to your data collection tool, Dub InterViewer, influences work efficiency and finances at your call center.

When a connection is established, the interviewer can show his skills by convincing the callee to become a respondent. This is the area you want your interviewers to spend their time and excel, not on getting people on the line. The good news is a fieldwork dialer can help with this.

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