Meet the Nebu team

Meet the team

Let us introduce our management team
Wouter Eijben
Wouter Eijben Director Operations

Wouter Eijben joined Nebu at the beginning of 2012, initially taking on the role of Manager Customer Care. Early 2014 he formed the Technical Account Management team. Currently, in charge of the operations branch at Nebu, Wouter is responsible for Support, Technical Account Management, the onboarding and training of (new) clients, New Product Introduction (NPI) and the hosting of our software.

Before joining Nebu, Wouter worked for over ten years at market research firms Interview-NSS and Synovate (later Ipsos), in various roles focusing largely on the technical and operational side of market research.

It's Wouter's philosophy that creating happy customers always starts with happy, well-organized, motivated and communicative teams.

T: +31 251 311 413


Zoltan Szuhai
Zoltan Szuhai Director Research & Development, Managing Director, Nebu HU

Zoltan Szuhai has worked for Nebu for more than 15 years and is Managing Director of the Development Centre in Debrecen, Hungary, with responsibilities for running the office and legal administration.

The primary technical role is as a Director Research & Development: managing the Development Team and applying agile methodologies and responding to technology-related requirements. Previous experience within IT environments, including Client liaison and time spent as a Software Engineer, gives Zoltan a good understanding of the technical challenges of our industry.

T:  +36-52-315-583

Malgorzata Mleczko
Malgorzata Mleczko Head of Marketing

Malgorzata Mleczko has ten years of work experience in building and promoting brands. Her primary focus has been set on tech/online brands. She's been working for public relations and marketing agencies as well as on the clients' side, building up an excellent understanding and practical knowledge of the entire chain of marketing processes.

She believes that a data-driven approach is key to building successful marketing strategies. Data analysis, behavior analysis and optimization of processes have always been a guide to formulate actions that maximize opportunities for products she used to work with.

Malgorzata is result-driven, has an eye for details, and a passion for increasing customer engagement. She understands exactly what a project is all about and how to get it done quickly and efficiently.

T: +31 251 311 413