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Nebu & 2x4 Enter into a Strategic Partnership

2x4, one of the leading market research consultancies in Europe, and Nebu, a provider of flexible marketing research software, have teamed up to help clients increase diversity, efficiency, and effectiveness of their projects. The partnership covers two-way software reselling, product integration and provisioning of services and support. companies have joined forces in response to the industry's growing need for expanding their offering and sharpening the insights delivered to End Clients. 2x4 and Nebu have combined core benefits of two sides of the market research world they represent: technology and services. The partnership allows them to tackle demanding marketing research challenges.

2x4 becomes an official reseller of Nebu solutions for the DACH and the UK market. 2x4 aims to deliver expertise and know-how of Nebu Data Suite helping clients' increase day-to-day work efficiency, as well as to build effective bespoke solutions. 

The partnership is a two-way reselling agreement where SurveyTester becomes an optional step, available with a simple click, in the data collection process. Seamlessly integrated with Nebu Dub InterViewer, SurveyTester provides a completely new experience of survey testing: intuitive, user-friendly, cost and time efficient.  

Market research is becoming ever more complex and demanding as the years go by. The emergence of new technologies, automating and optimizing research processes, merging multiple data sources to deliver sharper insights, are just a few of the many challenges market researchers face every day.

Offering customized and tailored consultancy amenities alongside services, support, training, design, and (re)scripting surveys, 2x4 and Nebu become pioneers in providing 360 degrees solutions for marketing research.


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About 2x4

2x4 is a Market Research IT Solutions and Services firm focusing on bringing quality and simplicity to market research. The team consists of dedicated IT/Market Research professionals committed to delivering world-class services and solutions.

The 2x4's philosophy is to build great Applications and Surveys with fabulous User Interfaces for Business Intelligences and the Market Research Economy. It is important that clients get the best user experience ever possible. 

When things get really complicated, that's when 2x4 and Nebu partnership come in handy. With access to Nebu, the most flexible software for marketing research, 2x4 builds unique custom solutions resolving clients' headaches. 

About Nebu

Nebu provides fieldwork and marketing research companies with a flexible suite of software, to collect, manage and utilize data.

Nebu Dub InterViewer is the most flexible data collection software on the market allowing researchers to:

  • Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform
  • Use mixed mode and multi-mode interviewing to increase response rate
  • Analyze and recode open-ended questions
  • Provide multi-language support for your surveys
  • Use routing in surveys to increase completion rate
  • Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity
  • Manage quota and create sampling rules

Data collected can be enriched with data from external sources and stored in the central management platform, Nebu Data Hub.

With the Hub, you can automate your entire market research process, conduct analysis and transform data into interactive visualizations to be shared in real-time Nebu Reporter dashboards.