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Nebu Assessment

Nebu Assessment is a web-based, intuitive tool to support you in creating any kind of assessments, flexible and powerful reports and managing the complete process

Just imagine...

… you are a business coach with a unique methodology to help individuals to develop their skills. You regularly organize coaching sessions for which you use a baseline assessment of each participant. Before starting training, you need to send them invitations to take the assessment, make sure they complete it in a timely manner and upon receipt you need to return the assessment-reports to attendees so that they can study it before joining the actual session.

This is doable when you start your business, but when you scale up, you might lose track of what is happening with the invites and the submissions. Furthermore, you will be overburdened with processing all assessments and generating reports. Slowly but surely, the operational processing will take more and more of your time. The time you could (or maybe even should) be spending on coaching, developing your methodology or refining the concept.

Here is where Nebu Assessment comes in! Nebu Assessment is a web-based system to help you:

  • Automating the assessment process, including the reporting
  • Managing the logistics of the onboarding process, i.e. sending out invites, reminding people to complete the assessment and sending out the report.

In the end, you will be more efficient and effective at your job and can focus on what really matters: the content, people and ultimately the business.


Nebu Assessment is a web based, intuitive and flexible tool to create and manage any kind of assessment tests, methods and programs


Assessments in any form act as an eye-opener, both for businesses and individuals. Nebu Assessment is a user-friendly and intuitive web-based tool with robust and flexible functionalities. It has been designed to support the vast variety of methods or tools that educators, coaches, business mentors and HR specialists use to evaluate, measure and document learning progress, personality traits, skill levels, educational needs, development requirements and much more.

Nebu Assessment can help you to:

  1. Collect, manage and utilize the assessment data to reach clear conclusions regarding the knowledge, qualification and potential of the assessee.
  2. Automate processes so you can efficiently draw sharp strategic decisions like selection and hiring, promotions and appraisals, organizational and personal development.
  3. Provide your clients (both organizations and the assessees) with an objective and complete picture for both long-term and short-term development goals.

What Nebu Assessment can do for you

  • Collect data via a questionnaire
  • Generate reports
  • Manage groups and group members
  • Send email invitations
  • All in an automated workflow 

A walkthrough Nebu Assessment

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The 5 States Assessment Survey created with Nebu seen on a mobile phone

Use case: The 5 States of Success

The 5 States is a model that helps you to unlock your personal potential or the potential of your team and organization.

This business tool has been based on research and practical 'on-the-ground' experience working with thousands of business people over 12 years. Designed and created by Brendan Foley, the framework is based on the #1 bestselling book The 5 States of Success. Here at Nebu, we are proud to be the technology partner for The 5 States of Success by providing:

  • A group and members management system
  • Creating, sending and managing invitation emails
  • The 5 States assessment questionnaire
  • Automated generation of reports

A few pages of a report generated for the 5 States of Success A few pages of a report generated for the 5 States of Success A few pages of a report generated for the 5 States of Success

 A few pages from the automated report sent to attendees, to see full-size pages click on the pictures 

Brendan Foley from the 5 States of Success

"After an extensive global search for a development partner to build The 5 States assessment, we selected Nebu. The reason is threefold; owner managed business with highly skilled developers, a keen interest in our business and vision, a fast development path to allow us to get to market quickly. I would highly recommend working with Nebu," Brendan Foley, The 5 States.


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