Nebu Dialer as a Service is the most convenient hosted dialer on the planet

Main benefits for using Dialer as a Service

Boost your calling capabilities and increase interviewer productivity


You can select the dialing mode required per project and per user to gain the right balance between productivity, efficiency and sample use. There is no up-front hardware cost and no minimum period to use our service: you pay as you use and you can use all modes for dialing. Our virtualized call center supports home workers, which is also a good way to increase flexibility

Nebu Dialer as a Service is flexible software that raises productivity of your interviewers


By using Nebu Dialer as a Service, you quickly realize what are the profits: more productivity in your call center without the investment in high-end, costly, proprietary dialer software & hardware. Using an automatic dialer helps you to get the best out of your interviewers and thus from your market research project. The predictive mode even more, as there is a minimal waiting time for your interviewers between one call and the next. Of course, you don't want to be a slave driver; the interviewers can still determine their breaks and end of a session



Improve quality in your company! You can't be next to all of your interviewers at the same time to supervise them, but somehow you need to do that. This is where our hosted dialer comes in. It makes you able to record interviews, listen in with your interviewers or coach them from any place in the world


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