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Nebu - Collect - Manage - Utilize

Introducing automation of the entire Market Research Process

Nebu's vision, from the moment it was established over 20 years ago, has always been to provide innovative Data Collection Solutions to its clients. In response to current trends in the Market Research & Insights Industry, the company decided to revise its vision and goals. "Collect - Manage - Utilize" is the paradigm that captures the new direction, which is underpinned by the release of a cutting edge new product, Nebu Data Hub, and the launch of a new website & branding.

Nebu's new offering goes beyond data collection, panel management, and dialing services. Now it also delivers data management and data processing capabilities, becoming a technology provider that supports the full market research process.

Nebu anticipates new trends in the Market Research Industry

In anticipation of clients' needs Nebu has made it possible to automate and integrate the full market research process. Every task from collecting, managing and utilizing data can be achieved and delivered with the Nebu Data Suite.

The brand, established over 20 years ago, is recognized mainly as a powerful tool for data collection in any mode, time and place. Over the last few years, Nebu's team has been working extensively to allow its customers to adjust to new challenges and to expand the scope of their activities. This has been achieved!

The company spotted new trends and embraced them. Issues, like merging multiple data sources and providing real-time insights are becoming challenges the Industry face. As the world speeds up, the role of market research also changes. It's no longer just about survey data. More and more clients require market researchers to provide Insights enriched with data from multiple sources, like CRM and NPS systems, Social Media, etc. Data is everywhere, it spreads quickly and changes every second. The challenge for the Market Research Industry is not only to capture data from the right sources and to provide the right insights to clients, but also to deliver them 'in the moment', in real-time.

"Collect - Manage - Utilize" all data within a single tool

Today Nebu with its "Collect - Manage - Utilize" paradigm allows clients to unlock the full potential of data within their Market Research & Insights operations. Nebu is the answer for Voice of the Customer, Feedback, Employee Satisfaction and many other Market Research needs. Nebu Data Suite consists of several products, to mix and match according to current needs. Data collection, panel management, hosted dialer and data management - are the tools Nebu offers to provide clients with richer data, better insights and faster delivery! The software can support particular tasks or your entire market research process from collecting and managing to utilize your data.

Nebu Data Hub is the heartbeat of Nebu Data Suite. It is a centralized data management solution to collect and process all your data, from multiple sources. Nebu Dub InterViewer supports quantitative data collection across multiple modes. Nebu Reporter is our dashboarding tool, that provides real-time access into your projects. Nebu Dialer as a Service is a fully integrated, highly adaptive, intuitive and scalable hosted dialer solution. Dub Knowlege is the leading multi-panel management system, with integrated participation, invitation, and reporting management tools.

Collect - Manage - Utilize

Evolving with you for over 20 years

The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1992. Nebu's team consists of over 40 employees working in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary and the Netherlands. Nebu is committed to developing and providing innovative and effective software solutions to the Market Research companies. Nebu has clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.