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Nebu Data Hub is a Data Management & Utilization Platform designed for marketing researchers

It offers efficient ways to automate processes and unlock vast and flexible data analysis & visualization capabilities to deliver sharp and actionable insights to your End clients 

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Why Nebu Data Hub

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Hosted, secure
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Managing multiple
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Automating repetitive
manual tasks
Data analysis
& visualization
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"When human beings do things that computers are perfectly capable of… Late at night the computers get together and laugh at us."
- Jez Humble

Nebu Data Hub is a new generation platform designed to help marketing researchers deal with primary & secondary (big) data in an effective and automated way. It helps to eliminate daily repetitive tasks identified as "time-eaters" and pain points in the organization so that the employees can concentrate on adding value where machines cannot.

This is true for different market research tasks, from sample cleaning, deduplication, data-normalization before merging different sources, generating metrics and intermediate results throughout the research process, to cleaning up and merging datasets. Clients using Nebu Data Hub to optimize their processes report a significant increase in work efficiency, for example relieving one person from handling incoming sample files for 40h/week, to only around 1h/week they spend on overseeing the correctness of the automated process.

You can use Nebu Data Hub also to create sophisticated data mining or machine learning processes to take your data utilization and data analysis to a whole new level. Scroll down to learn more or simply request a call so we can tell you more on how Nebu Data Hub can make your life easier!

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Learn What Nebu Data Hub Can Do For You

What can it do for me


Data ManagementData management

Nebu Data Hub will help you ensure that the data you collected or acquired from anywhere is properly validated, stored, protected, and accessible 24/7 in a controlled way to all authorized users


Data ProcessingData processing

You can convert the data into usable and desired formats, i.e. normalize, using a predefined sequence of operations, manually or automatically. You can also use it to restructure your data to ease the further data manipulation steps from “a single truth”


Data UtilizationData utilization

With Nebu Data Hub you can establish, monitor and improve continuous data mining processes, to gain real-time sharp insights to support the business objectives and activities


Data AnalysisData analysis

Nebu Data Hub offers you all possible data analytics techniques, including the most cutting-edge statistical models. All this to support you in the process of extracting meaning, drawing conclusions and identifying patterns from raw data


Data VisualizationData visualization

You can use Nebu Data Hub to help people understand the significance of the data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-only reports. The insights can be exposed and recognized easier with the support of data visualizations


Process AutomationProcess automation

Nebu Data Hub transforms repeated manual tasks that are pain points for the organization and helps eliminate them so that the employees can concentrate on adding value where machines cannot


Machine LearningMachine learning

With Nebu Data Hub you can apply statistical techniques that give the system the ability to "learn" from data, without being explicitly programmed, and apply it in an automated process. Use it to even more accurately target consumers, predict product performance and customer behaviour, or place products in the marketplace and drive results


Identify project issues early

Identify project
issues early

As Nebu Data Hub performs a lot of daily data and sample processing, like cleaning, de-duplicating, unifying and merging, it "knows" a lot about your projects. This means you can also use it to identify issues in the research process early enough to decrease overruns, increase values and productivity, and deliver projects in a timely manner


R MarkdownAuto-generate reports, images, HTML files 

Your data tells a story. With Nebu Data Hub you can turn your analysis into high-quality documents, reports, PowerPoint presentations, images, HTML files, Excel sheets and dashboards


Publications to 3rd party applicationsPublish data towards other applications

Nebu Data Hub allows you to publish data towards third-party applications in an easy, secure and discoverable fashion. It also allows to connect your other software (like Salesforce, SAP, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, Infotools and much more) to access and process data directly from the Nebu Data Hub environment without affecting the system as a whole, even while it is running


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