Nebu Data Hub

Cloud-based data management platform increasing efficiency and effectivity for  your marketing research processes 

 Manage Primary and Secondary Research Data
 Automate Processes
 Analyze and Visualize Data
 Implement Tailor-Made Marketing Constructs
 Generate Insights Efficiently

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Efficiency gains

Automating marketing research processes

Automating Marketing Research Processes

Data Analyzis and Visualizations

Merging, Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Increase efficiency

Generating Actionable Insights Efficiently


Use cases & practicalities

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Learn About Nebu Data Hub

Nebu Data Hub is an R-based data science and data management platform designed for marketing researchers seeking efficient ways to automate processes, provide vast and flexible data analysis and visualization capabilities, and deliver sharp and actionable insights to clients.
The power of R applied for marketing research

The power of R applied for marketing research

Nebu Data Hub helps to apply the power of R for increasing the efficiency of marketing research, automating processes, performing data mining and generating data visualizations. The User-Friendly interface is designed to support specific needs of marketing researchers.
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As technology advances, the way data is being used becomes more complex. There are millions of gigabytes of data that can enrich your primary marketing research projects. Nebu Data Hub allows you to enhance insights using secondary research data consumed directly from, for example, CRM and transactional systems, tools, web analytics tools, open data, third party software. 


R is used as part of the data analysis toolkit in some of the biggest companies in the world. Google, Twitter, Monsanto, the FDA, Lloyds, Credit Suisse and AirBnB are among many utilizing R on a daily basis. Facebook uses R to understand how its users interact with the service. Exploratory data analysis help them understand what users are doing throughout the day and how information propagate through the social network.


Nebu Data Hub with the use of R applied to marketing research needs, provides a flexible, all-in-one, solution for data mining, data analysis, and data visualization. It can help you collect and analyze secondary marketing research data to add value to your primary research findings. This means that you can provide even sharper and more precise insights while increasing work efficiency and reducing cost spending.

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R used to enriching insights

Combining primary and secondary data to increase efficiency and reduce costs overruns

There are two types of information: Primary (information collected specifically for the problem), and Secondary (information already collected and owned). To remain relevant and competitive you should be using secondary marketing research data more often.

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As the world speeds up, the role of market research also changes. It's no longer just about survey data. More and more clients require marketing researchers to enrich Insights with data from multiple secondary data, like transactional data, Web analytics, delivered 'in the moment', mostly meaning in real-time.


Nebu Data Hub ensures time-efficient processing of secondary data derived directly from online databases, third-party software or open data. Adopting such approach provides cost savings, especially compared to conducting expensive and time-consuming primary research. Performing secondary data analysis can either provide information to meet the research objective or at least assist in gathering current information necessary to conduct more precise and effective further marketing research. 


Nebu Data Hub will help you efficiently combine sharp insights from secondary research with precise action steps generated via classical marketing research. Nebu Dub Interviewer, the most flexible quantitative marketing research tool (CATI, CAPI, WAPI, multi/mixed mode), is seamlessly connected with Nebu Data Hub. Sharing collected data with Nebu Data Hub for further data analysis and visualizations with R is as easy as a click of a button. 

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One click data delivery

Creating Data Access points to third-party software to automate and streamline processes

Nebu Data Hub connects your applications (like Salesforce, SAP, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, Infotools and much more) directly with the research project data stream. Using the power of R you can utilize those data feeds from the start of the project to design a continuous automated process of generating real-time insights.

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Marketing research used to be a relatively simple process. Today marketing researchers are looking for more efficient and precise ways of revealing insights by analyzing multiple data types and sources.


Nebu Data Hub supports the OData protocol that allows third-party software to access and process data without affecting your Nebu Data Hub system as a whole, even while it is running. OData also provides you with an easy and uniform way to share data in a discoverable fashion.


Manual updating data in applications takes a lot of time. Nebu Data Hub helps you to automate processes and keep your data continuously updated, from the mere start of the project. 

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Flexible Data Visualization capabilities

Data Analysis and Visualizations for generating sharp insights

You can conduct the most cutting-edge statistical analytics and create data visualizations using R. Nebu Data Hub can be easily connected to any reporting and dashboarding tools from the moment your projects start. You can visualize data to provide clients with a continuous stream of real-time insights.

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Over the last few years, marketing research has entered the world of Big Data. Analyzing, visualizing and sharing detailed insights efficiently is a struggle for market researchers.


Our system provides you with data processing capabilities. Now you can prepare reports and dashboards to help capture necessary insights.


The platform allows you to create data visualizations using the power of R, and to connect directly to any reporting and dashboarding tools. The ability to see and utilize data in real-time gives you a possibility to present the updated data to your clients.

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