Discover Nebu Data Suite

Nebu Data Suite

Nebu's powerful tools support your entire market research process: from collecting and managing to utilizing your data

Nebu Dub InterViewer

Nebu Dub InterViewer is the software solution for quantitative data collection across multiple modes

Unlock the full potential of data

Nebu Dialer as a Service

Nebu Dialer as a Service is a fully integrated, highly adaptive, intuitive and scalable hosted dialer solution

Nebu Data Hub helps creating most cutting edge statistical models with the usage of R language

Nebu Reporter is our new reporting tool. Unlock the ability to create customized dashboards with real-time results in just a few clicks

Data collection from multiple data sources

Nebu Data Hub

Nebu Data Hub is a centralized data management solution to collect and process all your data, from multiple sources, in one platform

Visual representation of data is an important key success factor

 Dub Knowledge

Dub Knowledge is the leading multi-panel management software, with integrated participation, invitation, and reporting management systems


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