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Nebu (ISO 27001 certified since 2020 and ISO 9001 certified since 2021) offers 28 years of experience in building and delivering software solutions for fieldwork and market(ing) research companies.

Best known for its core multi-mode data collection tool, Nebu Dub InterViewer, in recent years Nebu added to the portfolio new solutions for processing, analyzing and managing data, as well as extended the offering with a set of options for visualizing results, dashboarding and creating interactive reports. 

The scope, flexibility and power of Nebu offering are beyond comparison with other offers on the market.

Nebu Data Suite offers flexibility to build various vertical solutionsNebu Data Suite helps researchers or insights specialists to cover all the needs of the entire market research processes. From collecting data in any mode, at any time and of any complexity thorough cleaning, restructuring, processing, analyzing the data, creating sharp insights, visualizing results, producing interactive dashboard visualizing and generating reports.

Nebu Data Suite is a powerful engine allowing to "Collect-Manage-Utilize" data with almost limitless possibilities. A lot of Nebu Data Suite users are highly specialized fieldwork/research/Insights companies with technically and methodologically experienced staff, running a multitude of concurrent projects, interviewers, with a high demand for efficient, robust and flexible options. 

To answer the needs of medium-sized and smaller enterprises Nebu started developing vertical solutions to help them streamline processes in the most efficient way. Using the appropriate blocks and bits and pieces of our powerful suite,  we tailor-make them into smooth custom, industry-specific flows. 

With any ready-to-use vertical solutions, there is the possibility to develop additional components that you deem necessary to meet your specific needs. To learn more about Nebu's vertical solutions or request a call go to this page.

Keep reading to learn in more detail about Nebu Data Suite products.

Nebu Data Suite offers the most flexible solutions for fieldwork and market research on the market

Nebu Data Suite


Nebu Dub InterViewer provides high-performance and flexible software that drives the heartbeat of every market research project: Data Collection.

Imagine the tool as a powerful engine that allows you to build any survey for any purpose desired (Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Product testing, Brand Awareness, and much more). All surveys are available in any mode you want: CATI and CAPI, as well as online and mobile surveys. The tool allows you to use mixed-mode for conducting interviews in parallel, to optimize the survey completes. Nebu offers also multi-mode, meaning that you can switch between modes also during the interview.

Key benefits of Nebu Dub InterViewer:

  • Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform
  • Use mixed-mode and multi-mode interviewing to increase response rate
  • Analyze and recode open-ended questions
  • Provide multi-language support for your surveys
  • Use routing in surveys to increase the completion rate
  • Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity
  • Manage quota and create sampling rules

Discover Nebu's new web-based survey builder Nebu InterViewer. It has been designed to help you create SMART, dynamic, interactive online & CAPI questionnaires, really fast!

Most probably you create a lot of questionnaires every month. Are you satisfied with your current data collection capabilities? Do you see room for improvement? Would you like to increase the efficiency of your marketing research processes? Let's talk!  

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Nebu Data Hub is a flexible, all-in-one data science and data management platform designed for marketing researchers seeking efficient ways to automate processes, provide data mining and data visualization capabilities.

Nebu Data Hub is seamlessly connected with Nebu Dub InterViewer, which means that you can fetch your survey data for further advanced analysis with a few clicks. The platform allows enriching insights using secondary research data consumed directly from, for example, CRM and transactional systems, tools, web analytics tools, open data, third-party software.

Nebu Data Hub helps you to deliver even sharper and more precise insights while increasing work efficiency and reducing cost.

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As technology advances, the way data is being used becomes more complex. There are millions of gigabytes of data that can enrich your primary marketing research projects. Nebu Data Hub facilitates combining different data sources and expands your reporting capabilities. It helps you transform data into interactive and sharp visualizations to be shared via real-time Nebu Reporter dashboards or any third-party tools.

Nebu Data Hub supports OData protocol - web service providing interoperability between systems. OData creates high performance, reliable and extremely flexible Data Access points between Nebu Data Hub and any third-party software.

Nebu Data Hub via OData protocol:

  • It allows various systems to access and process data without affecting your Nebu Data Hub environment as a whole, even while it is running. It provides an easy and uniform way to share data in a discoverable fashion via a standardized OData protocol.
  • Enables to connect your Nebu Data Hub account with any third party product supporting OData, for example, QlikView, Salesforce, Excel and much more.

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Learn more about all Nebu Products

Dub InterViewer Nebu Dub InterViewer is the software solution for quantitative data collection across multiple modes
Dialer as a Service Nebu Dialer as a Service is a fully integrated, highly adaptive, intuitive and scalable hosted dialer solution
Nebu Data Hub Nebu Data Hub is a centralized data management solution to collect and process all your data, from multiple sources, in one platform
Nebu Reporter Nebu Reporter is our new reporting tool. Unlock the ability to create customized dashboards with real-time results in just a few clicks
NebuPanelManagerS  Nebu Panel Manager is the leading multi-panel management software, with integrated participation, invitation, and reporting management systems
NebuPanelManagerS  Nebu Panel Manager is the leading multi-panel management software, with integrated participation, invitation, and reporting management systems
Learn more about Nebu Assessment Nebu InterViewer is our new web-based survey builder meant for SMART, dynamic, interactive and fun to create online & CAPI questionnaires


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