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Basic functionalities


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Nebu Dib InterViewer offers all interviewing modes managed from a single platform

Basic functionalities

Nebu Dub InterViewer is a tool that allows you to create questionnaires and to conduct interviews in any mode you desire, including mixed mode (modes in parallel, respondents start and complete in the same mode) and multi-mode (mode switching during an interview, respondents may move from one mode to another, or not). The tool provides a variety of functionalities to assist interviewers in streamlining processes, increasing their work efficiency and eliminating human errors.  


Conducting CATI projects with Nebu Dub InterViewer is done on workstations. All devices that are being used for fieldwork: a computer, a tablet, or even a Raspberry Pi may become workstations eligible to making calls and recording respondents answers by just following a simple set up options in the system. 

CATI center managers can group workstations and assign user groups with the various level of access rights. For example, some workstations may be only available for "CATI interviewers," some for "CATI supervisors." Those settings are fully customizable and allow managers to take control of the processes and decrease the number of possible errors during fieldwork.

Workstations set up in Nebu Dub InterViewer can be connected to a phone line/provider or to one of the softphones available via Nebu's dialing solution allowing for much more flexibility, control and efficiency. These options are described in more details in the middle section of this page called "Fieldwork dialer."

Nebu Dub InterViewer even as a stand-alone tool (without having being integrated with our dialer) provides users with many functions that help to increase the efficiency of fieldwork. For example Nebu Dub InterViewer: 

  • Provides the next number upon completion of an interview along with basic information on the next respondent
  • For international projects, the numbers are provided with respect to a respondent's time zone
  • Logs reasons for non-response by displaying to interviewers a screen with possible non-response outcomes to select from
  • Allows scheduling of fixed or floating appointment times and dates that will be picked up by the system as a priority in the appropriate interviewer's schedule. This ensures interviewers do not miss call back appointments for respondents that needed to stop their interview before completing all questions
  • Ensures full utilization of sample records by allowing supervisors to set up flexible automated callback rules to increase fieldwork productivity and maximized interviewers' talk time
  • Allows a call center supervisor to define work shifts and assign particular projects to be conducted within a designated time frame
  • Presents interviewers with quota cell targets to reach the end of a project in an efficient and timely manner
  • At the end of interviews, it allows editing of respondent's data, correcting answers (if granted by a supervisor) and recoding open-ended questions
  • Provides access to call history database and productivity reports for an interviewer, a project, a call center, or multiple venues


Nebu Dub InterViewer provides two ways to send invitations to respondents for online/mobile surveys:

  • via an email
  • via an SMS 

Emails may be sent two different ways:

  • During an interview, for example, to allow a respondent that need to stop during an ongoing interview to complete the survey online at a more convenient time or to send respondents media files they need to base their answers on (like for example snapshots of new packaging or a video of a new ad)
  • By a supervisor in the sample management module, as an email with a short, extended or encrypted URL to open or password protected surveys (perhaps a link to a sample and quota management page or a Freshdesk article).

Nebu Dub InterViewer users can create an email from scratch directly in the tool or import an HTML file with an existing design. 

Sending emails from a questionnaire can be triggered manually or by specified conditions, for example, based on a sample property (like a language, age, gender, etc.), or based on specific answers given by a respondent. 

Sending invitation emails from a sample management module can be scheduled for a fixed date, or in fully customizable intervals. Nebu Dub InterViewer users can specify how many batches and how many recipients they want to send emails to. 

SMS messages can be sent to a respondent with an invitation to a survey (a short, extended or encrypted URL) if a mobile phone number is provided in their sample record.

We also support custom made, automated omnichannel projects where invites are being sent to respondents based on their preferences. 


We have launched an open online survey helping to assess the level of knowledge on GDPR, click here to test your GDPR knowledge.

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One platform for all interview modes, same user interface, and a single database independent of chosen modes

Fieldwork dialer

Nebu Dialer as a Service (DaaS) is a highly adaptive, intuitive and scalable hosted dialer solution. Accessible from within Nebu's Dub InterViewer software, the service is available to all Nebu clients. Nebu offers DaaS with partners: inITova, blueSIP/CM/NobelBIZ and Sytel. Together we offer a solution that increases the productivity of your interviewers in a call center or working from home.

Clients who use Nebu Dub InterViewer combined with Nebu’s Dialer as a Service report significant cost savings due to competitive call costs and various dialing modes helping to increase interviewers' talk time. While with manual dialing an interviewer spends roughly 12 minutes on actual interviewing, with a preview auto dial mode this increases to on average 18 min/hour, for a progressive dial mode around 32 minutes, and with predictive mode interviewers’ talk time can even reach 44 minutes/hour.

Dialing modes available with Nebu Dialer as a Service

Nebu Dialer as a Service provides its users with four calling modes (for US-based companies we can programmatically cover TCPA requirements for you):

  • Manual, when an agent manually dials numbers
  • Preview (Click-to-call), when an information about a call is presented to an agent who needs to click a button to make a call
  • Progressive (Power/Automatic), once an agent is ready for a call, information about a call is presented and the number is automatically dialed
  • Predictive, when calls are launched at a rate such that the system connects to 'live' callers as soon as an agent completes the previous interview

Dialing modes explained

Nebu's hosted dialer, as its name indicates, is a service. It provides you with full flexibility regarding a number of lines and seats you need at a particular moment in time. To start using Nebu Dialer as a Service we only ask you to arrange local infrastructure: 

  • A headset to plug into the workstation (any physical device from which the fieldwork will be conducted, PC, tablet, Raspberry Pi, laptop)
  • The Internet connection needs to be stable in speed both up and down from the provider
  • The firewall or router of the network where the interviewer is working needs to allow VoIP & IAX/SIP traffic
  • Softphone program, Zoiper (IAX), needs to be able to run on the workstation
  • A browser that supports WebSocket (we recommend using Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer)

Using Nebu Dub InterViewer in combination with Nebu Dialer as a Service offers an advantage of having an ability to record interviews: 

  • Recording per question: Each question is recorded separately 
  • Record per interview: Each interview is recorded separately
  • Sound recording in DubInterViewer.dll: This procedure inserts the sound recording entry into the Sound Recording table in the project database

If you are looking for an on-site dialer solution, together with our partner Tremayne Consulting Group we will provide you with an alternative to cloud-based dialing.

Download Nebu's white paper on Fieldwork Dialers.  

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One platform for all interview modes, same user interface, and a single database independent of chosen modes

Compliance aspects

Market research companies have a responsibility to ensure that fieldwork is carried out according to strict guidelines relating to data protection and reliability. Here at Nebu, we are committed to supporting our clients in complying with data protection and security regulations.

Nebu Dub InterViewer offers several ways to help you avoid a situation where you are performing unsolicited communication:

  • Phone/email blacklistings: This functionality enables you to create lists of respondents who no longer want to participate in surveys, meaning you do not want to contact them anymore. With a click of a button, you can compare your sample selection with records on your blacklists, and the system automatically marks unwanted records that should not be used.
  • Email bouncer: The system track soft and hard email bounces for you. All records with a hard bounce are automatically marked as 'unusable.' 
  • Dialing and Callback rules: This functionality will help you comply with Ofcom requirements. You can set up flexible rules regarding how the system is making calls for you and rules on how to automate callback routine based on call results. For example, you can customize:
    • How long the phone rings before hanging up a no-call answer
    • How many tries can be performed per a type of call result
    • How much time is required between call attempts based on a type of call result
  • Automatically remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII): This option supports you with complying with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and with the new European General Data Protection Regulation by allowing:
    • To store (and delete if you need) the sample file separately, while archiving a project upon the completion
    • To automatically remove Personal Identifiable Information at the moment a record reaches the result 'Complete.' This can be a global setting applied to all questionnaires or specific projects. 

In addition to the above compliance aspects, Nebu Dub InterViewer offers a few dialing modes. We can programmatically support you in complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements by providing a manual dialer with no capability of auto dialing or predictive dialing. It can be used as a single button-dialer that lets interviewers contact respondents far more efficiently than manual dialing. We can offer multiple possible deployment scenarios that fit your specific needs.

Should you want to check if Nebu Dub InterViewer can support you with complying with some specific requirements, please send a request for a call with some details regarding your case.  

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