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Effective interviewing


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Productivity add-ons

Nebu Dib InterViewer offers all interviewing modes managed from a single platform

Effective interviewing

One of the core values driving any successful call center is effectivity. Nebu Dub InterViewer helps interviewers to focus almost entirely on a survey’s merits instead of worrying about technicalities of the data collection process.

Nebu Dub InterViewer increases the efficiency of interviewing processes by:

  • Providing a screen, that logs in an interviewer into the system and allows them to conduct an interview straight away. If used in combination with the Planning Module (described on the last section of this page) an interviewer can see which project and what type of task he or she is assigned to, with respect to properties given by a project manager.
  • Allowing an interviewer to log in to the recode answers module that gives them access to the text answers given by a respondent. It is a powerful piece of software for:
    • Categorizing open answers given in a respondent’s own words into one, or more pre-defined response codes
    • Clustering similar answers and converting them to a single code available in the database
  • Offering an easy way to correct interviews. A particular survey can be identified by a date or an interviewer
  • Running an interview in test mode to check with test records how the questionnaire will work before trying it with a real respondent. The answers given to a questionnaire running in test mode will not be stored in the live dataset, and thus not counted in the actual results of the survey
  • An interview is conducted entirely via a single contact screen offering the interviewer an option to
    • Start, pause, cancel, end an interview
    • Log reasons for no-response due to refusals
    • Show quota cell targets and complete counts
    • Present an overview of all available appointments
    • Edit respondent’s data
    • Register respondent’s answers
    • Record an interview (if you do not use a dialer that does not provide automatic recording options)
    • Select a questionnaire language (for multilingual surveys)
    • Make appointments (floating or fixed) with respondents that cannot complete an interview at a given moment

To learn more about how Nebu Dub InterViewer helps to increase the effectivity of interviews, please go to other subpages focused on fieldwork and sample & quota management.

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Efficient fieldwork

Call center performance

For interviewers to be efficient, they need to focus on the questionnaire and the interview itself. When projects are correctly set up within Nebu Dub InterViewer can automate many core aspects of running a project from an operational perspective. Call center/CATI/project managers get access to functions that support them in running fieldwork effectively.

Nebu Dub InterViewer offers three main productivity overviews, each focusing on a specific aspect:

  • Total survey productivity
  • Daily productivity
  • Individual interviewer productivity

The above reports summarise information on time spent working (including the actual interviewing, and pauses), a number of tries, completes, refusals, screen outs, and a few other out-of-the-box calculations.

Each of those productivity screens allows a manager to filter the desired overview by an interviewer (or an interviewer groups), date range, language (especially useful for multilingual surveys), the time zone of an interviewer or a respondent, shift type and type of task related to a questionnaire.

Project/fieldwork managers have access to informative surveys overviews (CATI, WAPI, CAPI). Within a glance of an eye, a supervisor can update their knowledge regarding the current state of fieldwork and take the necessary steps to ensure high work efficiency.

These tools also provide a summary of sent invitations and utilization of phone numbers to help them ensure that sample is used in the most efficient way possible.

Coaching interviewers

Knowing what exactly is happening on a project level is key to efficiency. Although Nebu Dub InterViewer provides you with many necessary overviews, information on its own won't solve all of your challenges and remove bottlenecks. 

Once you know what is going smoothly (at the project, or interviewer productivity level), or could be improved, you might need to take additional steps to identify problem areas and to take actions to prevent them from happening in the future. Nebu Dub InterViewer facilitates this process of constant efficiency review and improvement by offering a Monitor Map.

A Monitor Map allows a supervisor to see an interactive map of the CATI unit, with all available workstations. By hovering over any workstation on the Monitor Map a manager:

  • gets the current information on:
    • The 'MachineID' of the terminal,
    • The code/ID of the interviewer working on it,
    • The name of the interviewer,
    • The 'Project ID' of the questionnaire the interviewer is working on at the time,
    • The number of completed interviews, and
    • The current status of the specific workplace ("logged on," "dialing nr," "occupied," "refusal," "appointment," "break" and "logged off.")
  • may perform actions directly from the Monitor Map screen (it is also possible to access these functions from several locations within the system):
    • Open performance info: It transfers you to the 'Interviewer Performance' for the selected interviewer
    • Open screenshot: This option allows for screen sharing with the interviewer's desktop
    • Send a message: You can send a message to the interviewer perhaps to offer tips or guide them, or ask them to stop interviewing
    • Show given responses: By selecting this option, the 'View interview' screen opens, where you can read the answers to the questions asked so far, as well as the answers to those questions and current the question the interview is up to
    • Listen in: Using this option, you can listen in to the interview and follow the conversation as a way of supervising particular interviewers
    • Coach interviewer: This option is similar to the previous one, however, this allows you to not only listening in but also to instruct the interviewer verbally during the interview. The respondent will only hear the interviewer, so the instructions or remarks coming from the supervisor will not interfere with the interview itself
    • Start recording: Select this menu item if you want to record the conversation between the interviewer and the current respondent.

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Productivity add-ons

There are two additional modules that Nebu Dub InterViewers users may choose to boost their productivity to a whole new level, viz: 

  • The Time Registration
  • The Planning module

Both are stand-alone add-ons and can be used separately, or together to get the most benefits. Read further for more details. 

Nebu Dub InterViewer - the Time Registration module

Time Registration in Nebu Dub InterViewer is an add-on that tracks the time employees spend performing their various tasks. Having a detailed overview of what kind of tasks are being performed most often and how much time they take in real life has helped a few of Nebu users to significantly increase the efficiency of fieldwork and thus decrease its costs.

The functionality consists of two components:

  • Work Time Module, to track time spent on non-interview related tasks 
  • Time Registration, for tracking interviewing time and time spent on interview related tasks

Work Time Module offers a set of non-interview related tasks that interviewers can pick directly from the drop-down in the login screen: 

Acquisition Coaching
Visiting client Demo/sales meeting
Administration Free/holiday
Internal meeting Doctor/dentist
External meeting Project administration
Research/developing Internal jobs
Other (project related) Other (not project related)
Writing documentation Helpdesk (not project related)
Questionnaire/data delivery Networking 

Managers can define any type of non-interviewing type of activities which suits their needs the best. Tasks can also be associated with particular questionnaires. For example, this is a helpful option if you have an internal meeting about a particular project. The system keeps counting time even when users are logged out of the module. After a long discussion or a demo/sales meeting, for instance, users can log back in once they have finished that activity and then hit the end of session button to finalize the task timer. 

Time Registration is focused on registering interview related tasks. This part doesn't require any additional action from an interviewer. The moment they log in, the system starts measuring their performance: the actual talk time, pauses, etc. A list of all tasks performed by an interviewer is available for a supervisor. It aggregates both interview and non-interview related tasks and can be filtered by date. Managers can approve, modify, make remarks and send queries back to an interviewer, or discard particular tasks.

Time Registration is a powerful piece of functionality that value is amplified even further when used in combination with the Planning Module. Keep reading for details. 

Nebu Dub InterViewer - the Planning Module

The Planning Module is an extended version of the Shift Management functionality available for all Nebu Dub InterViewer users. 

In its rudimentary version, the Shift Management allows you to daily assign of interviewers into different shifts (morning, afternoon, evening) and gives you a clear overview regarding which interviewer works when and on which project. Also, by using the shift management in its basic version, supervisors have the ability to flag an interviewer as not to be used and give a reason why they cannot work as planned. You can define the tariff/pay rate pertaining to a shift. Mandatory and allowed breaks for interviewers can also be specified in shift management, but unless you use the Time Registrations module to track time interviewers can take as many pauses as they want, but the system will still not let them be paid for these breaks. 

The Planning Module extends the possibilities offered by the Shift Management by providing:

  • Interviewers with an easy way to (remotely, at any time and on any PC/mobile device) set and manage their work availability preferences and check already planned shifts and that data is being directly registered in the system
  • Supervisors do not have to track all of the messages from interviewers and log their work preferences manually (an important efficiency factor for bigger call centers)
  • Supervisors can assign interviewers to appropriate shifts (prior to starting, or during fieldwork), projects and specific type of tasks related to a project (cleaning, coding, copying data-entry, interviewing)
  • An interviewer log in screen, which preselects and prioritizes particular projects they have been assigned to, with respect to the current shift schedule and a type of task they have been assigned to

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