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Our history

Nebu began in 1992 as a partnership between Eric van Velzen and Fred Broers, inspired to start providing innovative solutions to market researchers with a focus on co-creation and support.

At the time, Eric was just 24 years of age and Fred was 48. With their expertise and ideas, they collaborated to create 'Nebu'.

It was named after Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian god, writer at the gods' council. Notes were made in hieroglyphs on tablets of clay. Such a tablet was called a 'Dub.'

It all started with CAPI

We launched with CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), an offline market research data collection tool, based on the Apple Newton MessagePad (the original iPad!), the electronic clay tablet of the current era. Consequently, the data collection system was named Dub InterViewer. We have added modes and capabilities ever since. 

While competing systems were all based on ASCII-data, we chose to run on SQL-databases from the start. This business decision made storage of data, changes in the script and exports to other systems like SPSS, much more flexible and robust.

We added CATI, Online, and hosting

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) came next: at a time where existing providers started converting their systems from DOS to Windows, newbie Nebu chose to create an easy-to-deploy solution where all interviewers, at home or in the call centre, worked in a browser. And that at a time where Netscape Navigator was big and Google didn't exist yet. A new kid in town was what we played at the first Market Research conference where Nebu exhibited with our next innovative solution.

With the input of Blauw Research in Rotterdam, for many years the fastest growing market research agency in the Netherlands, we developed Dub InterViewer as the first online quantitative market research data collection tool. Online and CATI has always been one and the same tool, making it integrated, powerful and flexible, a multi-mode platform right from the beginning.

We soon noticed that not every company had the skills and internet connection to optimally host systems in-house, so we decided to help out by offering a fully hosted solution.

Then came the panels

In 2001 we predicted that Online panels would be the next big thing in market research. We were right, our Panel Management solution was the first on the market, with important players like Bloomerce Access Panels, Survey Sampling International, Synovate and Borderless Access as users.

Back to mobile and CAPI

After having been idle for a number of years, CAPI has globally made a revival. iPhones, iPads and much later cheaper solutions on Android came. Then it was no longer the researcher who chose the platform, but the respondent was in control where, how and when to complete the survey. Nebu ensured one script, one system to run Any Mode, Any Place, Any Time.

Open platform

In 2014 the next revolution for Market Research was introduced by Nebu: an open data collection system where the client can choose the best of breed solutions for extending it, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Around the data collection process, the core of the market researcher's process, many other tools can be identified: reporting, dialing, scripting, translating, coding, etc, etc. We have created a shop where, as an App, additional offerings from different vendors, can be bought.

Big Data in Market Research

We saw the next big challenge in market research, we saw where professionals started talking about, and what would bring market research to the next level. So we started building a new solution, the Nebu Data Hub. It helps you to manage all your collected data, regardless of source, in one place and reuse this in any future survey or report. Using Nebu Data Hub you will be able to keep all your data - no limitations in size, and no time limit either - providing continuous value. Sign up for our alpha release to take your first Big Data steps.

Since 1992 we have grown into a competitive, leading brand who operate globally, with offices in the Netherlands, UK and Hungary, and partnerships with agents in Sweden, Germany, USA, and Australia. We continue to invest in our products and improve them as we strive to provide our clients with the best data collection tool.


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