Discover Nebu's new web-based survey builder

SMART, dynamic, interactive, fun to create
online & CAPI questionnaires


Nebu InterViewer is for anyone who wants:

  • to script online & CAPI surveys fast, at any time and any place
  • to create fun, dynamic, and SMART questionnaires
  • a user-friendly application with a low threshold even for novice scripters

Nebu InterViewer is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get survey builder. Intuitive and easy to work with. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of research design and methods. Nebu InterViewer can be used for:

  • Market Research,
  • Opinion Polls,
  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Customer Loyalty,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Job Satisfaction and much more.


Nebu InterViewer: a Next Gen Solution

Nebu InterViewer is a part of Nebu Data Suite. This web-based application brings many technological advantages while making it a piece of cake to ask relevant questions.

Fast & SMART questionnaires for instant & sharp insights! 

Nebu InterViewer brings the most efficiency gains in combination with Nebu's panel management. It has been designed to unlock the full potential of data. Keep your panels active and well-monetizing. Drive your respondents or panel members' engagement through the roof with SMART surveys:
Specific (always target a specific group aligned with a content and design suitable questionnaire)
Motivating (dynamic and engaging surveys, points for completion to redeem for rewards)
Achievable (meet KPIs by increasing the completion rates,  keeping panel active & members engaged)
Relevant (ask only relevant questions to relevant people increasing the chance for a complete)
Timely (keep it real-time and interactive; including data processing, analysis and visualizing)

The recording


What Nebu InterViewer can do for you
Nebu InterViewer questionnaires are dynamic and fun

With Nebu InterViewer you can:
  • decide on a layout with vertical and horizontal positioning and the number of questions per page
  • create conditions on pages, questions, answers and any element for a dynamic and fun experience
  • place validators on questions and answer choices
  • create and manipulate lists based on given answers (inclusion, exclusion, custom)
  • create skip-pages and routings
  • create loops and nested loops to ask questions in rotating blocks
  • using array questions for maximum flexibility
  • adjust themes to quickly change the look & feel of a survey
  • have access to audit trails and questionnaires versioning
  • connect surveys with third-party applications like email platforms, or CRM and sales systems
  • use the powerful javascript scripting API for any custom actions, conditions, validators

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