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April 28, 2015

New releases of Dub InterViewer 7

Our development teams continue their two-week-scrum-cycles, leading to many improvements in the software. In the latest releases, CAPI and dHTML were greatly improved.

Next edition we will have some news about ETL (Extract, Transform, Load; see Wikipedia for some info) and an exciting development for CATI clients.


New answering service provider

In order to provide our customers with better service we recently switched from our Answering Service to alldayPA. Whenever our support agents are not able to take your call they will handle your call, 24/7. We have chosen alldayPA because they come highly recommended, scoring a 9.6 (out of 10) on Trustpilot.


US connection for hosted dialer

The hosted dialer goes to the USA! After connecting a number of European clients, we also received great interest from CATI users in the USA. We have found a trustworthy partner in NobelBiz and are in the final stages now of setting up a SIP connection for local dialing in the US. Endpoints in Singapore and Hong Kong will follow later.

Click here for detailed information about the hosted dialer.