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December 1, 2016
Call Center

How to Be More Productive in Your Call Center With a Hosted Dialer [Blog]

As a market researcher, you probably know the challenge of increasing interviewer productivity.

The users of Nebu Dialer as a Service have shown 10-30% increase in productivity. Doesn't it sound good?

Read this blog post about how this hosted dialer helps you to be more productive.

Read blog post

Fieldwork Efficiency

Optimizing Fieldwork Efficiency [Case study]

Do you want to see how a real company uses Dialer as a Service?

DJS Research has a large call center and remote tele-agents. Due to the volume of CATI work, and the number of agents they utilize, the Nebu product was of particular interest.

Download this case study to find out how Dialer as a Service assists DJS Research.

Download case study

Hosted Dialer

The Most Convenient Hosted Dialer to Optimize Costs [Brochure]

Are you considering using our hosted dialer?

Download the brochure and get to know everything about Dialer as a Service, all the features, and benefits.

Are there any questions I can answer for you regarding Nebu's hosted dialer? Don't hesitate to ask, just reply to this email.

Download brochure

Bente Diemer

Meet the team

After working 5 years as Panel Manager and Dub Expert at the Operations department of a market research company, Bente Diemer joined the Nebu forces in 2011, as a Trainer.

After becoming a mom, Bente gave up her traveling days as a Trainer and is now once again part of a Operations department, this time as a Project Manager of the Professional Services team. She oversees the project and keeps the communication flowing, never losing sight of the mission. She is always keen on trying to improve processes and helping out colleagues and clients.

At home, Bente enjoys the challenges that come with raising 2 little ones. But at night, her alter-ego Bent-e is available for scripting jobs outside office hours. If there's any free time left, she enjoys watching movies and series.