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December 15, 2016
When designing a survey for mobile devices remember about the CELL Principle

Nebu's guide to design award-winning surveys is out now!

The question all market researchers would like an answer to is: how to design surveys that are really engaging?

In this guide, we collected the essential tips to help you improve survey performance. Have you heard about the CELL principle yet? We'll share some of the DOs and DON'Ts you have to consider.

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Webinar focuses on how to create award-winning surveys

Nebu Webinar: Create award-winning surveys

Have you seen our December webinar focusing on how to create award-winning surveys?

I can confidently say that it was our most popular webinar so far. Ian Roberts shared the best practices with the ones who joined, and now here's a link for everyone who missed it, would like to refresh the knowledge or share the link with others.

Watch the recording now!

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How to edit responsive templates with Nebu

Did you know that within Nebu Software you are able to edit the stylesheet of your responsive template without any techy knowledge? 

Design a personalized template for your mobile surveys without any effort.

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Meet the team

I'm proud to introduce you to Laszlo Katus, a Senior Developer working in the Nebu Dub InterViewer team. Laszlo joined the team eleven years ago. Since 2005, he has been translating the needs of Nebu clients into lines of code, providing much-needed solutions to help our clients manage their challenges.

Laszlo is a father of three, and spends a lot of time with his kids. They enjoy playing board games together, especially Monopoly and Cludo. He's a real handyman at home (repairing, painting, fixing), which - luckily - is highly appreciated by his wife.

To relax, Laszlo goes to the gym three times a week. And by doing so he motivates quite a few colleagues as well ;)