Nebu News

July 14, 2016

Easily design your responsive template

Did you know that with Nebu you are able to edit the stylesheet of your responsive template without any technical knowledge?

Check out our blog post for a visual explanation of how to do that.


Conduct point of sale & on-site research

Conducting research at exhibitions or events is a common practice, because you have the chance to meet face-to-face with your clients or prospects and to find out more about their needs.

Did you know that you can easily do that with Nebu?

All you need is an app, a tablet and an internet connection.

Learn more!


Meet the team

Emile Bakker joined Nebu in 2012 in the role of Product Manager. Now he owns the role of Head of Product. Before Nebu, Emile has been in a variety of Product Management roles, but always focused on data management and data collection.

He has a passion for innovation, disruption, lean and scrum. This passion leads to an uncontrollable urge to continually grow the company and the customer base by offering better and more innovative services. And this passion led him to transfer his latest vision, Nebu Data Hub, into reality.

Beside this work passion, Emile is attempting to raise two sons and infect them with the same passions as he has. He is accepting that he will, most likely, fail in the last goal. But that is for the benefits for his kids.