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July 28, 2016
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Use QR Code in Surveys [Free QR Code Generator]

Back in 2012, QR codes had the time of their life. They certainly became accepted methods of gathering information, sharing videos and brochures, or launching websites.

Mostly promotional materials made QR codes popular. But you can take advantage of them as a market researcher as well.

Read how to do it and try our free QR code generator.


Real-time data delivery with a single click [Video]

In our recent webinar, we were focusing on delivering real-time data to your client. We also talked about merging data sources and the usage of different scripting languages within Nebu Data Hub. 

Watch the video!


Meet the team

Viktor Lapis was one of the first Nebu employees in our Hungarian office. He started at Nebu in 2005, at the same year that Hungarian branch was established.

He is a valuable member of the development team. As a Senior Developer he was involved in several projects during the years, like creating Nebu Data Hub. 

He has 2 young sons who, just like their father, are big fans of the Hungarian football club Diósgyőr. In his free time he likes creating and solving logic puzzles and crosswords, reading all kinds of books and following almost any kind of sport events.