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June 2, 2016

Nebu Data Hub at the CASRO Tech

We have built a new solution to enrich your market research process and to make your clients happier. The Nebu Data Hub provides you the possibility to collect data from multiple sources, manage and utilize it in real-time without any export/import.

I am very excited to announce that the Nebu Data Hub will be launched during the CASRO Technology and Innovation Event 2016 in New York.

During the conference Emile Bakker and I are giving a presentation called "The trouble
with data"
. We will show how to embrace Big Data in market research and unlock the full potential of data.

Meet us in New York on June 6 & 7, learn more about our breakthrough new platform,
and watch our presentation!


Design a responsive questionnaire

Within Nebu software you can design a questionnaire that will look good on any device - on desktop, tablet, mobile phone...

Click here, open the demo version and test it yourself.


Meet the team

Peter Takacs has been working for Nebu since 2011. He is a Senior Developer and has been a driving force in the team developing Nebu Data Hub. Our junior developers can always count on his support. As a web developer he is one of the brains behind Dub Community.

He has been playing the guitar for many years, currently learns how to play drums and he has a band! He's always up for a party!