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January - March, 2017
Optimize the work at your call center with Nebu Data Suite

Increasing Efficiency in a Call Center

Since January one of our main points of focus was to help identify areas where you can optimize work at your call center by reducing costs, improving quality and increasing profit.

We hosted a webinar meant for all looking how to:

  • Increase productivity at your call center,
  • Raise the quality of service provided for clients,
  • Get full real-time project progress reporting, even the international ones, and
  • Lower your costs along with maximizing profits.

If you want to find the recording on the Nebu YouTube channel: Click here to view the webinar.

If you want to see a Nebu Reporter dashboard with a summary of steps for better CATI from the webinar and interactive data widgets, click here. 


If you want to get more details on what Nebu Data Suite is, click here.

If you'd like to discuss with us how Nebu can help:

  • Automate processes,
  • Improve quality,
  • Assist with decision making, and
  • Increase efficiency,

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Introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analysts

R alternative for SPSS?

Introduction to R-scripting for market researchers and data analysts

Nebu together with the Dutch MOA and R training-analysts.pngthe British MRS has launched a series of R-scripting training, designed for market researchers and data analysts.
The training is designed for those experienced with SPSS, looking for further automation of research projects, and broader data-processing and analytical capabilities to make projects more efficient.
The first edition of the training took place on 9th of March and was fully booked. You can still register for the training on 20th of March in the UK and, due to popular demand, MOA has just announced an additional training day: 25th of April 2017 in Amsterdam.
To read more and book your place click on the button below.
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