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May 22, 2015

The Nebu Resellers

Nebu has always adopted the 'Best of Breed' philosophy when developing relations with complementary software suppliers. Thus, it was only natural for Nebu to seek a similar relationship with our network of Resellers.

The Nebu Resellers are experienced Market Insight Professionals. They have operated at the highest levels within Research and Insight organizations and, as such, know the daily operational challenges users face. They can not only assist with assessing the viability of Nebu for your needs, but they can also provide valuable advice on all aspects of the research process. See what they have to say about Nebu:


Nebu is currently represented by Reflect in Scandinavia, inITova in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe and thinqonline throughout the Americas.

To learn more about our reseller network, please visit the Nebu Resellers page.


Intermax - professionally taking care of Hosting

At this moment we are halfway through the process of moving all accounts to our new hosting platform, Intermax. A huge project that is carefully planned. 

Intermax has been selected on client focus, professionalism, security measures and other important criteria. We have experienced them as being great problem solvers, especially when an issue popped up in Microsoft Remote Desktop that needed to be solved fast.

With this move we are able to grow further, both our own business as well as supporting that of our clients.


Dialer as a Service - Download brochure!

No investment but pay as you use. That is what we have created with our Dialer as a Service (DaaS). DaaS (a hosted dialer) is developed with our partners inITova, Sytel, and BlueSIP. It is addressing a number of needs of our clients and is therefore tremendously popular. If you want to have more information about it, then please download our new Dialer as a Service brochure.