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November 27, 2015
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3 simple tricks for scripting

1. List Manipulation

Did you know that the "List Manipulations" action form has been extended with extra functions like: "Empty List", "Remove item from list when in an inclusion", "Remove item from list when not in an inclusion"?

Read more about List Manipulations.

2. Form descriptions in alerts

Did you know that you can add a description to each form, which - besides being used as column headers in exports - also will be used in any error messages to the respondent?

3. Additional labels

Did you know that you can place additional labels before and after the question element? Use the "|" (pipe) character for it. For example, in a numerical question you can use the answer option "Every | year".

Read more about how to edit your answer options.


Second Partner Day

What an energetic day we had last Thursday! I would like to say thank you to all the partners for joining us for our 2nd Partner Day: Dapresy, DataExpert, inITova, Intellex, Reflect and thinqonline. We started the day with company update, then the Management Team informed our partners about out recent improvements in product development, the current status of Nebu Data Huband sales. It wasn't all about presentations, we had insightful interactive discussions with the partners. We had a successful day that brought us great insights on how to further increase the value the Nebu Ecosystem can deliver to you, the clients we do it all for.


thinqonline blog post

What's next for digital security? Innovative and proactive procedures to meet the most stringent policies. Read thinqonline's blog post featuring a Nebu white paper, including a checklist for digital security compliance: Digital Security For An Evolving Global Marketplace - What Research Companies Should Know.