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November 6, 2015

Symbid - Nebu crowdfunding

Nebu has made some significant progress this year in 3 major areas; the Nebu Ecosystem, the Nebu Data Hub and Improvements in our cloud offering. With that, Nebu has embarked on a crowdfunding round to further accelerate our growth. Please visit our campaign on Symbid and consider participating in this very exciting initiative and be a part of the future.

To all our Dutch clients, please join me at the Symbid event where I will be describing the vision for the Nebu product strategy.



Screensharing allows the supervisor to follow the screen of the interviewer. This normally requires external software like VNC to be installed on the interviewer machine. From a system administration point of view, this is error prone and requires a lot of maintenance. Nebu will soon release a new method that does not require any additional software. We added functionality to the interviewer screen that will share the screen with the supervisor automatically. Easy to use and no installation needed.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more!

Scrum development.jpg

Scrum Development at Nebu

We adopted the Scrum development methodology almost 3 years ago now and still have not been disappointed. It helped us become more productive, with more frequent releases and delivering against business benefits. In order to learn more about the Scrum development process and how it works, read our blog written by Emile Bakker, Head of Product.


Second Partner Day

Encouraged by our very successful and energetic first partner day back in March, we decided to hold it again on November 19th. This time, we want to make it even more interactive. The aim of this day is to learn and grow together. Stay tuned, we will share the results with you.