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October 1, 2015

Data Protection White Paper

Security has an important role today, especially in the Market Research Industry. Nebu provides you with all the tools you could need to keep your projects, data, and respondents safe.

Download our white paper now! It helps you to understand:

  • who should comply with regulations,
  • who is the data controller,
  • issues around Cloud Computing and geographical regulations,
  • the use of Encryption and other security methods,
  • the difference between data transit and data transfer.

Download the Data Protection White Paper


Penetration tests

Nebu knows the importance of holding your collected data within a secure environment. Therefore, penetration tests are run against our hosted environment. These tests are designed to expose possible security issues. Emulating the threat from hackers and viruses the tests seek to identify actions required to ensure that the environment on which the data resides is, and remains, safe.

If you would like to learn more about penetration testing, read our blog: An Overview of Penetration Testing.


Respondent's IP-information for filtering

In some cases, it is necessary to add technical measure to guarantee a certain data quality. By calling a geolocation service from within Dub InterViewer and analyzing its return you can easily prefill questions like country, region or city (result vary per provider) or uncover people trying to fill in a wrong country/region.

See our example survey here.


Using Google reCaptcha in a survey

The most common way to prove you are a human on the web are captchas. The most popular being Google reCaptcha. You can easily use reCaptcha yourself in your Dub InterViewer surveys with just a few basic steps.

See the following example survey here.