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October 20, 2016
Reduce fraud impact in your market research projects

Discover how to reduce fraud impact in your market research projects

Nowadays, company's reputation is one of the most important success factors for your business. It starts with delivering the highest level of data quality to your clients.

Read our latest blog post and find out how your company can prevent duplicate participants in surveys and therefore deliver the highest level of data quality.

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Is your business Agile?

Is your business Agile?

Lately, you probably heard us speak about Agile quite often. Agile is not just a new buzzword. There is a real business value for market researchers in this approach.

It makes you able to handle disparate data sets, provide data on demand and deliver data relevant to business insights.

Check out our thoughts and tips on what is an Agile Market Research.

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Laszlo Farkas

Meet the team

Laszlo Farkas joined Nebu in 2012 as part of the good oldie Quality Assurance team. This team had started to build the Continuous Integration practice at Nebu, which later with the Scrum team made the base of the whole automated build, test, deploy and release flow. Currently, he is working on Nebu Data Hub, as a cross-functional developer.

He is an avid kettlebell enthusiast. He enjoys playing football, though he doesn't like watching it, and he is a big fan of animated sitcoms, like The Simpsons.