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September 22, 2016
Nebu Webinar

Do you know what makes Market Research agile?

Join our upcoming webinar if you'd like to receive more information on what it means and how your company may benefit from adopting the agile principle into the market research process.

Discover how to provide an automated real-time stream of insights in the fast changing environment of data-driven & time-based business.

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How Nebu Data Hub resolves the biggest challenges ahead of the Market Research Industry

Can you enrich data collected from surveys with additional data sources, like your client's CRM system or Social Media? Are you able to automate the entire MR process to deliver your customers the right insights? Is your company ready to embrace those challenges?

You don't need to worry, even if you don't have the plan yet. Functionalities provided by Nebu Data Hub will help you deal with these challenges. Download the business case and learn what benefits our newest product can bring you.

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Nebu revises its vision and goals

Nebu revises its vision and goals

Nebu's vision, from the moment it was established over 20 years ago, has always been to provide innovative Data Collection Solutions to its clients. In response to current trends in the Market Research & Insights Industry, the company decided to revise its vision and goals. "Collect - Manage - Utilize" represents the new direction, which is supported by the release of a cutting-edge new product, Nebu Data Hub, and the launch of a new website & branding. 

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Meet the team

Right after his graduation from the University of Debrecen, Zoltan Fehervari joined Nebu in 2012 and became a System Administrator in our Hungarian Office.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking and playing video games. Besides cycling around his home country, in the area of the Balaton Lake so called "the Hungarian sea", he also travelled on his bike through the Netherlands.

Zoltan is a Master of Do-It-Yourself projects. He turns himself into a private MacGuyver in his free time, fixing small things here and there.