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September 3, 2015

Dub InterViewer Release 7.8

First, let me share some good news with you: Dub InterViewer 7.8 has been released last week!

Our development team made many improvements and again fixed several bugs. Improved Plugins, Responsive Templates, ETL, Work Time Module, Dub Planner Security, Dialer as a Service - just to mention a few of our latest improvements. Nebu increases sampling performance too, so you can easily work with huge sample and a big amount of quota cells.

Ask for an upgrade to experience the benefits of this new release.


CATI workstations made simple

We believe that Interviewers should not need anything more than a browser to do their work. With Dub InterViewer 7.8 we deliver the first step for that. No Java applets are needed anymore to transform a computer into a workstation. Along with that, we also release monitoring by supervisor functionality that does not require you to install anything... That is now available for you!

And just to make you more eager, in our Nebu Labs we are experimenting with a softphone running in the browser. But that will be a future release.


Dialer as a Service available in USA

We are happy to inform you that Dialer as a Service is now available for our American users too. If you haven't heard about our service yet, go check out our Dialer as a Service page, where you will find more information about how to boost your calling capabilities.