Learn more about attributes in Nebu Panel Manager


  • All of the panel members' metrics are store in the system as attributes
  • Nebu Panel Manager offers a wide variety of possible data format types:
    • Single line input (open text/date/email/password/phone number)
    • Text area (multiline open text input)
    • Checkboxes (multi-select answer from a predefined list)
    • Radio group (single select answer from a predefined list)
    • Dropdown (single select)
    • Matrix (n questions x m single select answers)
    • Dynamic Matrix (multiple attributes per matrix row, e.g age, gender for n children)
  • You can create as many attributes as you need
  • You can set up attributes specific to a Panel Owner
  • They can be made available across all panels owned by this specific user

  • You can define attributes as system-wide
  • They will be available for all Panel Owners

  • You get full flexibility in managing attributes
  • They can be linked with any specific panels & sub-panels

  • Language & wording can be defined individually for each panel
  • Nebu Panel Manager offers out-of-the-box statistics regarding your attributes
  • You get access to insights into the distribution of attributes per panel members and panels
  • You are provided detailed information about the current status and guidance into building the panel further


Nebu Panel Manager will help you shift the efficiency of your panel operations

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