Learn more about feasibility queries in Nebu Panel Manager


Querry properties
  • Define properties you want to query on
  • There are several properties you include in the query:
    • Target sample size
    • Estimated Incidence Rate
    • Expected Response Rate
    • Length of Interview
  • You can apply sample filters
  • There is a visual editor helping you to build logic tree determining who should be in the sample
  • Filters can be saved and reused

  • The tool offers you instant access to an attribute codebook, always available via a pop-up box on the bottom of a screen 
  • You can easily and fast identify the most relevant attributes for your query

  • You get an instant report on whether you are able to conduct a particular project with the current capacity of your panel
  • You receive an information on how many invitations to send to reach the target
  • You get information on how many completes are possible and thus how many records you still have available in the buffer

  • You can save feasibility check pre-set
  • Having a configuration setting saved allows for fast update check at any time


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