Learn more about projects in Nebu Panel Manager


  • Set-up the type of survey
  • Registration, profiling, and screening surveys, as well as the ones to order incentives, can be created in Nebu Panel Manager
  • Research surveys have to be created in an external data collection tool, preferably Nebu Dub InterViewer  
  • Properties that you can define are:
    • Project name and status
    • Which panel is it related to
    • Target sample size
    • Estimated IR & LOI
    • Basic description of the topic
    • Target group
    • Screeners
  • For research surveys, you define which platform you use or insert a generic URL to a research questionnaire
  • You can define device restrictions
  • You can offer points for completes, over-quota and screen-outs

  • You define who is meant to be invited for the particular survey by creating
    a logic tree consisting of attributes

  • You can specify which attributes included in a questionnaire should be used as quotas for invitations
  • You define the values you want to reach
  • It is possible to cluster some of the attributes together

  • You set-up rules for in how many waves and of what volumes you would like to have the invitations sent
  • You define in email details like sender, title, time of sending
  • You choose or adjust an email template
  • You can preview an email and then schedule or send right away
  • You can keep the track of sent, delivered, and opened email invitations
  • You see statistics on how invitations translate into started, completed and terminated interviews


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