Learn more about recruitment in Nebu Panel Manager


How to recruit members to your panel

Various ways of recruiting members

  • Nebu Panel Manager allows for creating internal registration surveys
  • It is a very user-friendly and easy approach
  • Internal surveys are nothing more than a selection of attributes grouped to your liking on one or more pages

  • Nebu Panel Manager is a multi-panel tool and allows you to create multiple members portals
  • Members can register directly via web portals
  • The look and feel of a portal is customizable 
  • Members get access to their account where they can update their data, see an overview of their points, redeem points into rewards or send tickets to the support team with questions or issues
  • Per request, you can also order a special add-on, a mobile app

  • Nebu Panel Manager offers highly developed API (Application Programming Interface), which allows two applications to "talk" to each other
  • We offer advanced Business Logic API for system integrations (like for example CRM systems)
  • We have a separate frontend panelist API for Portals and Mobile Apps to facilitate for example recruitment directly from social media platforms
  • With our API you can connect to almost any 3rd party tools

  • Another way to recruiter members into your panel is to use your external data collection tool
  • Using Nebu data collection tools gives you almost unlimited possibilities as our offering supports multilingual projects and all interviewing modes (including CAPI and data-entry)


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