Learn what you get with Nebu Panel Manager

What do you get with Nebu Panel Manager

A growing business requires tools to match this growth

  • Feasibility Checks/Queries based on several fieldwork variables and a matrix of sample attributes values offering instant information about the possibility to complete a project
  • Project Progress & Custom Targeting
  • Various Distribution Channels
  • Setting up Invitation Waves
  • Statistics and Reporting

  • Member portals with customizable look & feel
  • Mobile Application for members (an add-on)
  • Data Imports
  • Nebu’s & external registration surveys
  • Using our API tool via any website or social media channel
  • GDPR compliant (for example metrics marked as PII are not selectable for any exports)

  • Search for Individual Members
  • Ticketing to manage incoming
  • Quality management/ability to offer an incentive or extra points
  • Panel members' account details + attributes

  • Manage Products
  • Process Orders
  • Logistics to manage Payouts/Statuses
  • Points Tracking


  • Creation/ Management of Panel Owners & User accounts
  • Create Panels
  • Define Reports
  • Build various templates


Nebu Panel Manager will help you shift the efficiency of your panel operations

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