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Direct connection to real-time insights

Real-time insights from your projects

Direct connection to real-time insights

Direct connection to collected data

Client specific portal

Customizable client dashboards

Nebu reporting tool is now available

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Demo dashboard
Nebu Survey Optimization
Survey Optimization Process by Nebu
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Easy to set up and use dashboards with real-time stream of insights from your data collection system


Key reasons for chosing Nebu Reporter
Instant & continuous reporting

Instant & continuous reporting

Direct connection between Nebu Reporter and Nebu Dub InterViewer allows you to create progress reporting without data manipulation! With a few clicks, you create a client-specific dashboard. Data is fetched instantly and continuously so you can provide real-time insights to your clients about their research projects.

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Why you need our reporting add-on?

It saves you a lot of time. The tool provides integration between the data collection software and the reporting tool. You only set up a dashboard for clients once and you can forget about any further manual updates

How we provide the solution?

Our reporting software allows you to build customizable dashboards with a live connection to your data collection environment. Each dashboard consists of widgets. Each widget is a representation of a particular metric scripted in your questionnaire. With a few clicks you pick which information to share with clients

What you can't afford not to have it?

Not providing an instant and continuous reporting can cause you additional costs. Your clients might suffer if being provided with outdated data. You will be loosing a lot of time for manual updates

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Easy set up

Easy set up

You can customize the look & feel of dashboards and widgets, to represent your clients' style. Most widgets represent survey progress data pulled directly from our data collection software. By adding additional, non-data widgets to your dashboards, you can embed comments, remarks and insights to guide your client through your findings. You can add a YouTube video to provide instructions or a project summary. You can add any website or web app, or your html!

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Why you want the tool?

With our reporting add-on, time spent on reporting at your company will decrease. The tool provides you with an easy and intuitive setup. Dashboards consist of widgets. All widgets are connected to your data collection environment and contain relevant metrics. Simply add the widgets you need to your dashboard.

How we provide the solution?

Our new tool is based on a customizable and widget-based approach. Widgets give you control over what data you share with clients within one dashboard. Without any manual work, you share a continuous stream of actionable insights captured in widgets with customers. This way you can provide them real-time data to underpin their strategic choices 

Why you can't afford to miss it?

Your clients need not only to profit from decisions based on your research and the insights you provide. They need to be getting a return on their investment. The investment, being the research you're conducting for them, can be balanced nicely only if you can providing the right actionable insights at the right time

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Customization of any dashboard takes only a few nice steps


Did you know that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 sec in 2000 to eight sec in 2016? You need to grab your clients' attention fast. Customizing the look & feel of your dashboards raises brand visibility and recognition

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Why you need our reporting tool?

Our reporting solution has a direct connection to your data collection environment. You don't spend any time on preparing data to create clients reports. You can use that time more efficiency completing other tasks 

How we provide the solution?

Our tool is user-friendly and enjoyable to work with. Dashboards are easily scalable. This includes its look & feel. You can change general settings for each dashboard and if you'd like also settings of each widget

Why you can't miss out on it?

You need to provide the highest quality of insights. You have the specialized knowledge. Methodology. Technology. Know-how. Nowadays, you want to be even more efficient and competitive! Automation. Real-time data. Actionable insights. Mobile friendly. Catching an eye. Easy to use. Fast to work with. Scalable. It all matters

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You decide which insights to share with clients

Selective data

Actionable insights are what you need to deliver to your client. You want to present the progress of your market research projects in a way that highlights the most significant findings. Clean, structured, simple and to the point. That is why our widget based solution is the perfect way to take control of exactly what you share with clients
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Why you want the tool?

You want to have a tool that is efficient to use. Our new reporting add-on has a direct connection to your data collection environment and provides the highest security standards

How we provide the solution?

The software lets you clone dashboards with a single click and provides a fast and intuitive customization

What not using it may affect you?

Possible disruption in a stream of actionable data

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Nebu Reporter provides you always with anonymized insights

Anonymized insights

At Nebu we know the value of your data. Security is not only about applying secure storage or secure transmission of the data but about the ability to apply data privacy regulations. You can select the data to display, and even the questions, safe in the knowledge that our widgets only show anonymized and aggregated data

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Why anonymized data is important?

With our reporting software, you save time spent on complying with privacy regulations

How we provide the solution?

Data fetched via widgets and dashboards is anonymized and aggregated

How neglecting might affect you?

The challenge is to prevent losing clients because of insufficient compliance with personal data protection regulations

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